Action Stan
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Title: Action Stan Author: Elaine Wickson Stan loves charts and astronomy and when he is told that he can go on a school trip to a forest during school time where he can do both, Stan decides he wants to go but there are a few problems… The main one being that he has to go with his brother, Fred. Fred is obsessed with creatures, especially snails. He even finds one on the trip and calls it … Angus. Fred loves Angus… until he loses him! Luckily, Stan goes with his best friends Liam, Jess and Idris. When they arrive, they find their school’s arch enemy is there: the award-winning, amazingly brilliant, Larkfield. All the cool kids from Larkfield are excited and determined to win the end of trip competition. One boy really stands out, he is the coolest and most spoilt boy and his name is Zak. Stan’s best friend, Liam, instantly loves Zak. But this means he can’t hang out with Stan. It gets worse when Zak turns Liam against them and Stan finds out about Zak’s super-dare to get his new follower into a whole heap of trouble! Can Stan stop Zak? Can Stan get his friend…

Roy of the Rovers – play-offs
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Title: Roy of the Rovers – play-offs Series: Roy of the Rovers Author: Tom Palmer This book is the 5th book in the series. Melchester Rovers are in the play-offs and the club is worried that if they lose in the play-offs, Melchester Rovers are going to be shut down FOREVER! Roy is very worried as his football career might end very humiliatingly to Kingsbay (they had already lost to them three times previously!). Could this be the end? The worst thing is that none of the fans know that if they lose, Melchester Rovers will be finished forever. This has caused an argument between Roy and his friend Ffion which may make them fall out with each other! Does Ffion forgive him? Does Roy win the play-offs?Do the Rovers get shut down FOREVER? Read the book to find out! We really enjoyed this book as it always kept us on the edge of our seats. We aren’t football fans but we are hooked on this series and can’t wait for the final graphic novel to come out in June. However, we are really upset with Tom Palmer for the evil cliff-hanger at the end of this book… as we…

Roy of the Rovers – Teamwork
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Title: Roy of the Rovers – Teamwork Series: Roy of the Rovers Author: Tom Palmer This book is the 2nd book out of 3 in the Roy of the Rovers series. Read book 1 before this one otherwise it won’t make as much sense. Roy was gutted as he has just lost 2-1 to his rival team, Tynecaster. Hugo, the best player in the world, scored a goal in the last 5 seconds! This was made even worse as Roy had just scored his rocket goal and had nearly made football history. At the end of the match, Hugo tried to swap shirts with Roy but Roy refused and said he was taking it home for his half-paralysed father. He went to college the next day and experienced a bit of fame. He then went to Mel Park and found out he had a Gola boot deal and could make thousands of pounds from it. At home, he got a call from Johnny Dexter (The Rovers’ coach) who asked him to explain a video of him that was going around school. That video could destroy his football career and his reputation. Which brothers were quoted in this book? (CLUE: us!)…

Alex Rider – Secret Weapon
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Title: Alex Rider – Secret Weapon Series: Alex Rider Author: Anthony Horowitz In this amazing book, there are 7 amazing short stories which are written to show occurrences that took place before or between the other books in the amazing Alex Rider series. These short stories were always full of danger and always kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t put the book down until I had finished all the stories. So that I don’t ruin this book for you, I’ve only written about 2 of the stories. These are my favourite stories in this book. Alex in Afghanistan In the middle of the Afghan desert, there were 5 men and a boy; the boy’s name was Alex Rider. Alex was on a mission to expose a terrorist and find the place where he planned to make nuclear weapons to sell to other terrorist organisations in the Middle East. But when Alex’s mission went horribly wrong after he was deceived by one of the 5 men that he was travelling with, Alex had to fight for his life once again. The man with 11 fingers Alex is not scared of anything, apart from the dentist. He was…

Our Castle by the Sea
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Title: Our Castle by the Sea Author: Lucy Strange This book is based on a girl called Petra and her family during WW2. Petra doesn’t live a normal life; she is half German and lives in a lighthouse on the coast of Kent. One day in 1939, something tragic happens; her Mum, Mutti, has to go to court where they will decide if she has to go to an internment camp. She had supposedly done something “wrong” very wrong. In fact, she hadn’t done anything at all! She allegedly sent information to the enemy, to her home country, Germany. The magistrate decides that she is a risk to the Allies and sends her away, so Petra has to live with her sister and father. Mutti is innocent and everyone knows it but there is no evidence regarding who the real suspect is. But just before Dad dies at Dunkirk, two secrets become apparent and they aren’t very good! What are the secrets?Does Mutti come home? If Mutti is innocent, who is the real perpetrator? Read the book to find out! We give it 5***** and recommend it to 9+. We think it is an amazing book which keeps you on…

Against all Gods
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Title: Against all Gods Author: Maz Evans I’ve been waiting AGES for this book to be published so I was so happy when I got a copy! This is the final book in the series. Elliot has a decision to make; get his mum back but lose the Chaos Stones or vice versa. Elliot must then beat Thantos in a war and lock up all his demons. He also needs to get Home Farm back from Mrs Porshley-Plum (AKA Mrs Horse Bum). If Elliot gives Thantos the Chaos Stones there will be real CHAOS and Elliot will be against all Gods. Will he be against all Gods? Does he get Home Farm back? Read the book to find out. I give it 5*****. I love these books and recommend them to ALL readers. Be warned though, you may shed some tears along the way, so get your tissues ready! Remember to read books 1,2 & 3 first!

Return to Groosham Grange
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Title: Return to Groosham Grange Author: Anthony Horowitz Do not read this book if you haven’t read book 1 as it will spoil it for you! This book is about a boy called Vincent who works for a secret organisation who plans to shut down Groosham Grange. The way Vincent must shut it down is to get the Unholy Grail. This means beating David, another boy determined to win the Unholy Grail, in a series of challenges and exams. Vincent must then get the Unholy Grail to Canterbury Cathedral to cause Groosham Grange’s foundations to collapse. This will destroy its dark and good magic. It may kill everyone and everything and this could mean that if David loses, he would have to go back to his mean parents’ house; a place worse than hell! I give it 5***** and recommend it to 9+. I couldn’t put this book down! If you love this book, check out Book 1 in this series and don’t forget to read the Alex Rider series.  

Murder in Midwinter
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Title: Murder in Midwinter Author: Fleur Hitchcock One day, a girl called Maya, took a photo by accident, of a man with a gun and he looked like he wanted to kill her. She called the police but when they came, her siblings had lost the SD card from her phone, so there was no evidence of it. The next day, a dead body was found in the river. The police had to take precautions  so they moved Maya to the countryside, which meant she had to move in with Auntie V and live with Ollie, her annoying cousin. Ollie hated Maya because he thought that she was a bratty princess but when the man with the gun appeared at their house, would it be the end of Maya and Ollie or could it be the start of a new friendship? We give this book 11/10 because we couldn’t put it down. We recommend it to 9+ mystery fans. Check out other Fleur Hitchcock books if you like this one, for example, Bus Stop Baby, Dear Scarlett (which is one of our favourites), Saving Sophia and Murder at Twilight.

The Night I met Father Christmas
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Title: The Night I met Father Christmas Author: Ben Miller This book is about a boy called Jackson. One Christmas Eve, Jackson decided that he needed to meet Father Christmas. During the night, whilst most children are asleep, Father Christmas crept down the chimney at Jackson’s house. When he reached the bottom, Jackson scared him and Father Christmas sprained his ankle. Jackson agreed to help Father Christmas deliver the presents to all the children around the world but in return Father Christmas had to tell him his story! Father Christmas was once a mean-spirited man but after his adventure meeting his past, present and future, he finds the true meaning of Christmas and that’s how he became Father Christmas. The book is similar to A Christmas Carol but it is easier for younger readers to understand and this story is more magical and jam-packed with tales about elves, runaway Christmas trees, a big scary snowman and a well-known reindeer with a touch of flu! We give this book 6/5 and recommend it to 9+ readers. Thank you once again for our signed copy, which has been proudly placed on “The Book Brothers signed bookshelf”.

Our Top Reads of 2018 (we chose more than 10 as there were so many good books this year!)
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If you want to know more about any of the books below, have a look at our reviews for 2018 as we have reviewed most of them! There were so many great books in 2018 and we found it very difficult to narrow down our list to 10 books each, so we might have added a couple of extras!! 🙂   In no particular order as they are all equally fantastic! 🙂 Daniel: All the Things that could go wrong by Stewart Foster Groosham Grange by Anthony Horowitz Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes by Greg James and Chris Smith Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone Planet Stan by Elaine Wickson Armistice Runner by Tom Palmer The Funny life of Pets by James Campbell This book isn’t safe by Colin Furze Bus Stop Baby by Fleur Hitchcock Iguana Boy saves the world with a Triple Cheese Pizza by James Bishop Murder at Twilight by Fleur Hitchcock Jake Atlas and the Tomb of the Emerald Snake by Rob Lloyd Jones The Bolds in Trouble by Julian Clary Flamingo Boy by Michael Morpurgo Timmy Failure, It’s the end when I say it’s the end by Stephan Pastis Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan Percy Jackson…