Hubble Bubble, Granny Trouble
Uncategorised / 29th September 2013

Title: Hubble Bubble, Granny Trouble Author: Tracey Corderoy Genre: Grandmothers Release Date: 2011 Pages: 25 The book is about a granny that is a witch. She’s not like your granny! She does funny things like making tadpoles in tea and used magic to make the teacher stand in his pants (everyone laughed). I liked this book because you can listen to it using the QR code and the pictures are colourful. I give this book 100 stars!

Little Manfred
Uncategorised / 22nd September 2013

Title: Little Manfred Author: Michael Morpurgo One day in 1966, after England versus Germany in the football world cup final, a boy and girl went to the beach to play ball with their dog.  When they were there they met a German man called Walter and another called Marty who told the children all about the war and the wooden dog they gave to Grace (the children’s mother) when they left to return to Germany. The children find out that Little Manfred, the wooden dog, was made by Walter and Manfred.   Manfred was like a dad to Grace as he used to read and tell stories to her.  In the war Manfred died from a mine explosion and this is why the toy was named Little Manfred. I recommend this book to children 7+ along with other books by the author who writes really good books!! I give this book 10 out of 10 stars.   

Animation Studio
Uncategorised / 16th September 2013

Title: Animation Studio Author: Helen Piercy This is a really cool set. We really enjoyed it and it was lots of fun! First we made up the story, then we got the scenes ready and then our adult helper started to take the photos while we slowly moved the characters. When we had the photos, we used some animation software, which you can download from the Internet and our adult helper put it all together for us. We then recorded our voices on a mobile phone and added them to the software. It was so much fun that we think we will be making another one very soon! We would give it 100 stars because it is so good. P.S. You might need an adult to help you with the animation. From a parent’s point of view – this is a great animation set for children as it contains lots of ideas and scenes that you can choose from. You need to have some I.T. knowledge to be able to put the photos together using animation software that you can download from the Internet, as it doesn’t come with this set. Great family activity for a rainy day! Highly recommend…

Fangs Vampire Spy – Operation: Golden Bum
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Title: Fangs Vampire Spy – Operation: Golden Bum Author: Tommy Donbavand Genre: Children's stories Release Date: 2013 Pages: 140 The story is about a Vampire Spy who has to find out who is responsible for some robberies. They travel over 5 countries with the help of their colleagues and gadgets. Do you think he survives? Well you will find out in the book!!! I liked this book and my favourite character was Hip Hop (one of the baddies’ Henchmen). I recommend this book to 7+. I give it 5 stars.

The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers
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Title: The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers Author: Jason Beresford The book is about 4 children who go on an adventure to save Tumchester from Jumper Jack Flash (a pirate rabbit) and The Panteater (an anteater that would eat your pants if he could!). It all started when 2 boys (Morris and Gary) were pretending to fight Zombies (stinging nettles) using sticks. Gary got stung! Then two girls came along called Ruby and Bel and one of them had a parrot called Marvin. Marvin could only say Marvin’s Starvin. After a while they went home and on the way home they saw a house. Inside the house they found a record player with a teddy bear in it and when they took the teddy bear out, an elf appeared. That is when they become superheroes and the adventure begins! My favourite character is Marvin because he is funny. I recommend this book to children age 7+ especially if you like adventure or funny books. I give it 100,000,000 stars.    

Fortunately the Milk
Uncategorised / 30th July 2013

Title: Fortunately the Milk Author: Neil Gaiman Genre: Childrens Publisher: Bloomsbury Childrens Pages: 160 The book is about a family and the mum goes away for work for a few days and the dad has to look after the children. When the mum had gone, dad asked the children why they weren’t eating their breakfast. The children replied, “No milk,” so dad went to the corner shop and bought some. The children got fed up waiting so they did things to pass the time (e.g. read and watch TV). On the way home dad saw a silver disc flying in the sky and that is when his adventure began! In the story, he meets globby, green aliens, intergalactic police, Jungle Gods, pirates, Wumpires and a time travelling Stegosaurus. But without the milk he would not have completed his journey … My favourite character is Splod the God because he looks funny! I recommend this book to 7+ who like adventure books. Also, I think the illustrations are supreme! Don’t forget to have your mobile phones ready because if you scan in the QR code on page 41, you can listen and watch Neil Gailman reading a few pages of the…

Time Hunters – Gladiator Clash
Uncategorised / 9th June 2013

Title: Time Hunters – Gladiator Clash Author: Chris Blake This is an adventure book set mostly in Rome about an Egyptian girl called Isis, her cat Cleo and an ordinary boy called Tom. It all started when Isis wanted to get into the Afterlife but hid an amulet from Anubis (the God of the Underworld) so Anubis gave her a punishment and she had to find all 6 amulets. In this book, Tom helps her find the first amulet and ends up fighting undefeatable Romans! My favourite character was Hilarus the gladiator because he was the bravest in the fight. My favourite part was the fight against Hilarus that Tom and Isis fought in. In the training they wore chains but in the fights they didn’t! In the fight for the amulet it was 5 against 1 and Tom and Isis were 2 of the 5. I would like to read the other books in this series because this was one interesting, so I think the others will be interesting to. I would recommend this to girls and boys aged 7+. I give this book 5 stars.  

Maisie Hitchins – The Story of the stolen sixpence
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Title: Maisie Hitchins – The Story of the stolen sixpence Author: Holly Webb Maisie wants to be a detective like Gilbert Carrington. Maisie lives with her grandma in a lodging house that her grandma owns. Maisie finds and rescues a dog called Eddie and he helps her on her missions. One of her missions is when someone steals money from the butcher’s shop and her friend the butcher boy gets the blame and then loses his job. Maisie knows it is not him but she has to find out who it was. To solve the case, she dresses up as a boy to start with and then she dresses up as an old lady. Do you think she solves the case? You have to read the book to find out! This book is suitable for 7+ girls and boys. I give it 10/10 because it’s a brilliant, exciting and enjoyable book!  

Mini Winnie
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Title: Minnie Winnie Author: Laura Owen & Korky Paul There are 4 stories in this book. My favourite is Winnie’s Awful Auntie. I love it because Winnie turns into a baby as the spell does not work. I love the Ghost in the Post because the Ghost writes a poem and things go wrong! The pictures are fantastic. I give it 100 stars!

Mini Winnie
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Title: Mini Winnie Author: Laura Owen and Korky Paul Winnie is a funny witch who goes on 4 adventures in this book. As usual for Winnie things go wrong. In some stories she’s small and in others she is BIG. My favourite story was Mini Winnie because Winnie shrunk herself to fit into clothes that shrunk in the wash! It was an enjoyable book to read and I recommend it as a bedtime story book as each story is about a chapter in length. It’s a good book for 6+. The pictures are great but I think they would be better in colour! I would give the book 4.5 stars.