All The Things That Could Go Wrong Book
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Title: All The Things That Could Go Wrong Book Author: Stewart Foster This book is about an unlikely friendship between 2 enemies who have issues that affect their behaviour in good ways and bad ways. However, does this bring them closer together or make them hate each other even more? Alex has lots of worries because he has OCD. He is also getting bullied by: George, George, Sophie and Dan and their mission is to make Alex’s life a misery. They wait for him at school every day to either steal his shoes or dunk his head down the toilet. No one is Alex’s friend! Dan’s brother is in prison and it is making Dan angry. So, Dan takes his anger out on Alex as he is vulnerable. One day Alex is forced by his mum to help Dan (remember Dan is his enemy and is a bully) to build a raft; could things get better? Does Dan become his friend? Does Alex stop worrying? Do they stop bullying Alex? You will need to read the book to find out! We really enjoyed this book and we also really enjoyed Stewart Foster’s “The Bubble Boy,” which we have also reviewed…

Summer Reading Challenge – how many books can the Book Brothers read?
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As we are too old for the Summer Reading Challenge (well Alexander is!), we are doing our own! How many books can we read by the end of the holidays? Week 1: Daniel – Happyville High: Geek Tragedy by Tom McLaughlin 5/5 World’s Worse Children 3 by David Walliams 5/5, Tom Gates: Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans by Liz Pichon 5/5, Cool Mythology by Malcolm Croft and Damien Weighill 5/5 Alexander – What not to do if you turn invisible by by Ross Welford 5/5, Happyville High: Geek Tragedy by Tom McLaughlin 5/5, World’s Worse Children 3 by David Walliams 5/5, Tom Gates: Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans by Liz Pichon 5/5, POD by by Stephen Wallenfels 5/5 Week 2: Daniel – Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes by Greg James and Chris Smith 5/5 The Racehorse who disappeared by Claire Balding 5/5 Cool Science by Daniel Tatarsky 5/5 Alexander – The Racehorse who disappeared  by Claire Balding 5/5 William Wenton and the Secret Portal By Bobbie Peers 5/5 Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes by Greg James and Chris Smith 5/5 Groosham Grange by Anthony Horowitz 5/5 Week 3: Daniel –  William Wenton and the Secret Portal By Bobbie Peers 5/5 Groosham Grange by…

Thank you Stewart Foster for our postcards and bookmarks
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Thank you so much Stewart Foster for sending us a lovely note and the bookmarks! If you haven’t read any of Stewart’s books, we highly recommend them! Bubble Boy is our favourite! Stewart has a new book out next April and we are looking forward to reading it!

The Storm Keeper’s Island
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Title: The Storm Keeper’s Island Author: Catherine Doyle Fionn hates the sea, which is terrible as he is on a ferry on the way to a small island off the coast of Ireland where his grandfather lives. When Fionn arrives, his happiness is short-lived! The island is a weird, mysterious place and it is even a bit magical but Fionn doesn’t know that yet! Flowers re-grow when you pick them and shrubs and weeds disappear and to make matters worse, his mum refused to come with him to the island and his sister is too interested in her boyfriend to even bother speaking to him. Does Fionn make friends? What is the mysterious magic? Does Fionn overcome his fear of water? Read the book to find out! I recommend this book to Abi Elphinstone fans or readers who love magic and mystery. I give it 5*****. I can’t wait for the sequel!  

William Wenton and the Secret Portal
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Title: William Wenton and the Secret Portal Author: Bobbie Peers William Wenton was a world class code breaker. He was also wanted by everyone as they wanted him to solve the latest puzzle, “The Difficulty”. One day, something went badly wrong and the luridium in his body all of a sudden stopped working. He was even beaten on “The Difficulty” by his enemy! William was taken to the Institute for Post-Human Research, only to find that a few people were working. No one told William why! But when a cockroach full of luridium went missing, William had to go on a mission! He had to face his enemy and stop him from releasing a portal of unknown power. Did he stop the portal? I give it 5***** and recommend it to 9+ adventure fans. Read the first book as it will make this book easier to understand! We’ve reviewed it too!

Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes
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Title: Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes Author: Greg James and Chris Smith This is the second book in the series. This book is about a group of superheroes called the Super Zeroes and Kid Normal is the leader! There is also a character called Magpie, who is a rogue (which is basically “the bad guy”). Magpie has been in prison for 30 years and on one particular day, in front of the CCTV cameras, he wrote on the floor “BRING KID NORMAL TO ME!” The next day, Kid Normal was brought to his high security prison cell to talk to him but I won’t tell you what Magpie said to Kid Normal as it ruins the rest of the story! Soon after, Kid Normal’s school secretary and caretaker disappeared and no one could find them. They were gone… or were they? ***SPOILER ALERT*** They weren’t really missing… They were looking for their supposedly dead daughter. Do they find her? What made them look for their daughter? Why is Magpie a part of this story? Read the book to find out. I give it 5***** and recommend it to 8+. I recommend you read the first book before you read…

Groosham Grange
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Title: Groosham Grange Author: Anthony Horowitz David lived in a rich family who wanted the best for him. They were a bit mean when he got expelled from school and his dad threatened him with a knife! His family was very rich and his dad worked in a bank so they could afford to send him to the top schools but when an advert for a free boarding school comes up, they don’t hesitate to send him there! The school is called Groosham Grange. Strange things happen at Groosham Grange, such as the Assistant Headteacher keeps fresh blood in his room, the French teacher disappears every full moon and all the students act like zombies! Does David’s dad forgive him? Does David survive his experience at Groosham Grange? Does David make new friends? Read the book to find out! I recommend this book to 9+ readers who like a bit of horror, magic and mystery! Anthony Horowitz is famous for his Alex Rider books but he also writes lots of other fantastic books too. We are a huge Anthony Horowitz fans in our house and one day we hope we will be able to include a signed Anthony Horowitz book on our “signed…

What not to do if you turn invisible
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Title: What not to do if you turn invisible Author: Ross Welford Ethel is twelve and she has lots of spots. She has spots everywhere and has even developed the nickname “pizza face” because she is covered in spots so much. When she discovered an amazing treatment called “Dr Chang His Skin So Clear,” she thought she was in luck. However, she couldn’t be more wrong! It all starts when she takes too much… Then she goes on a sunbed and she turns invisible! Ethel never wanted to turn invisible and she was horrified when she did. She never wanted to be famous either; her grandma wouldn’t let her as she said it was too common! When she loses all her friends because of her spots, she has to befriend Elliot Boyd, or Smelliot Boyd as he is known to the rest of the world. Elliot has no friends and he has moved from London recently and apparently he is very bumptious. When Ethel’s invisibility wears off after a few hours, she starts to enjoy it but then a video is taken of her while she’s invisible and she ends up being in a lot of trouble with her gran!…

Happyville High – Geek Tragedy – Too uncool for school
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Title: Happyville High – Geek Tragedy Author: Tom Mclaughlin This book is about 3 nerdy girls called Tyler, Ashley and Dylan. They all live in Happyville and go to Happyville High. Happyville is the perfect place to live because everyone is HAPPY but underneath all the happiness something is happening! People are getting super long SPAGHETTI ARMS. It all started when the American football captain and quarterback shouted “BOO-YAH” and then his arm grew to 12 feet long. 2 days later, half of Happyville had long arms! The girls had to solve this mystery before the whole world found itself with long arms! How do they get long arms? What causes this mutation? Read the book and find out! I give it 500/5 and recommend it to 9+. I hope Tom Mclaughlin will write a sequel!