Perijee & Me

16th February 2016
Perijee & Me Book Cover Perijee & Me
Ross Montgomery

This story is about an amazing friendship. The main character is a girl called Caitlin who has no friends. But one day after a meteor shower, she finds an alien and calls him Perijee, which is a term from one of her dad’s books. Perijee becomes her best friend and she teaches him to speak and to write his name. After a while, she decides to introduce Perijee to her mum and dad. Her dad is an expert in aliens and Caitlin thinks her dad will be impressed when he meets Perijee. However, her mum is not impressed and she phones the army to get rid of Perijee and she ruins all the plans. When the army comes, Perijee turns into a humungous, scary monster because he is frightened and he ends up destroying the city. Everyone is moved to a camp so the army can kill the monster.

Does the army destroy Perijee?

Can Caitlin escape and save him?

Does she find more friends on her amazing journey to save Perijee?

You’ll need to read this wonderful book to find out!

I really enjoyed this brilliant book and I give it 10/10.

I recommend this book to 10+ alien fanatics and if you like stories about friendship.


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