A Chase in Time

26th April 2018
A Chase in Time Book Cover A Chase in Time
Sally Nicholls


This book is about a boy called Alex and his sister Ruby. They lived with their Aunt Joanna. She was thinking of selling the house and moving. The children wished the old house wouldn’t be sold!

One day, they fell into a mirror. Alex went through to the past. Ruby saw what happened so she followed him. They were now STUCK!

They found themselves in 1912!

They met 2 children; their ancestors, who guided them. When the Newberry cup went missing, Alex and Ruby decided that they may as well help find it, in the hope of returning to the present.

Do they get back? Do they find the Newberry Cup? Do they get used to life in 1912?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!

We recommend this book to 9+ readers who love an adventure. We couldn’t put the book down!

We give it 5*****.


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