A Far Away Magic

24th December 2017
A Far Away Magic Book Cover A Far Away Magic
Amy Wilson

Angel’s parents have died from a “violent burglary” but Angel knows that this isn’t true because she heard it; a magical beast! When she arrives at her new school, she meets a boy, called Bavar. He doesn’t quite fit in either! He is really tall and he is always trying to hide. He has a kind of magic about him… But is he really magic?

Could this magic have killed Angel’s parents?
Can Angel and Bavar stop a disaster like this again?

Read the book to find out!

I found this book a bit slow at the beginning but I wanted to carry on reading it. If you find it a bit slow too, carry on reading as you will really enjoy the ending!

I recommend this book to 12-13 year olds who love magic and fairy tales. If you like Abi Elphinstone books, you’ll enjoy this book.

I give it 5*.


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