Action Stan

24th June 2019
Action Stan Book Cover Action Stan
Elaine Wickson

Stan loves charts and astronomy and when he is told that he can go on a school trip to a forest during school time where he can do both, Stan decides he wants to go but there are a few problems… The main one being that he has to go with his brother, Fred. Fred is obsessed with creatures, especially snails. He even finds one on the trip and calls it … Angus. Fred loves Angus… until he loses him!

Luckily, Stan goes with his best friends Liam, Jess and Idris. When they arrive, they find their school’s arch enemy is there: the award-winning, amazingly brilliant, Larkfield. All the cool kids from Larkfield are excited and determined to win the end of trip competition. One boy really stands out, he is the coolest and most spoilt boy and his name is Zak. Stan’s best friend, Liam, instantly loves Zak. But this means he can’t hang out with Stan. It gets worse when Zak turns Liam against them and Stan finds out about Zak’s super-dare to get his new follower into a whole heap of trouble!

Can Stan stop Zak?

Can Stan get his friend back?

Can Stan do this whilst keeping crazy Fred until control?

Read the book to find out!

We give this book 5****. We love the charts and illustrations throughout the book.

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Thank you Elaine for sending us a signed copy for our signed bookshelf.




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