After The War

16th August 2020
After the War Book Cover After the War
Tom Palmer

This book is about friendship, memories and acceptance. The main characters are called Yossi, Mordecai and Leo and they are Jews who have arrived in the UK with 297 other boys from their concentration camp in Poland. They end up in idyllic Windermere in the north of England. Some of the boys are scared of going to England due to the horrors of the concentration camps, which they never want to experience again.

Yossi hopes his father is still alive as his father disappeared on a death march between two camps. The rest of Yossi’s family were killed in Auschwitz, so his father may be his only living relative left! The 3 boys all want to go to different places in the future. Mordecai wants to go to Leeds as there is a large Jewish community there but Leo wants to go to Palestine as he was told it was the only safe place for Jews in the world. Yossi just wants them to stick together as they are like family to each other and they have shared the same experiences.

Do the boys go their separate ways or do they stick together?

Do the boys like England and are they accepted for who they are?

You will have to read the book to find out!

We give this book 5*****. We recommend it to 10+. This is a interesting book as it is really informative about what life was like for Jewish children after the war but be warned, you may need a box of tissues!


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