Against all Gods

9th March 2019
Against all Gods Book Cover Against all Gods
Maz Evans

I’ve been waiting AGES for this book to be published so I was so happy when I got a copy!

This is the final book in the series. Elliot has a decision to make; get his mum back but lose the Chaos Stones or vice versa. Elliot must then beat Thantos in a war and lock up all his demons. He also needs to get Home Farm back from Mrs Porshley-Plum (AKA Mrs Horse Bum). If Elliot gives Thantos the Chaos Stones there will be real CHAOS and Elliot will be against all Gods.

Will he be against all Gods?

Does he get Home Farm back?

Read the book to find out. I give it 5*****. I love these books and recommend them to ALL readers. Be warned though, you may shed some tears along the way, so get your tissues ready!

Remember to read books 1,2 & 3 first!


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