Alex Rider – Nightshade Revenge

28th December 2023
Alex Rider – Nightshade Revenge Book Cover Alex Rider – Nightshade Revenge
Anthony Horowitz

In New York a man is murdered while investigating 'Real Time' an Augmented Reality Company who creates videogames. This book is the 14th book in the Alex Rider Series. At the beginning of this book, Alex’s best friend Tom gets kidnapped when they are skateboarding in London. Alex tries to chase the kidnappers; however, they get away with Tom. Alex, however, does not need to wait long for the kidnappers to get in contact. The kidnappers are Nightshade and they are back for revenge. In order to get his friend back, he needs to break one of Nightshade’s members out of prison, a boy who tried to kill him in the last book, Freddy Grey.

In order to free Freddy Grey and exchange him for his friend, Alex is forced to break into a high security prison, smuggling a gun past security. When Alex reaches Freddy, he comes up with a plan to help them escape. They manage to escape successfully, and are taken by Nightshade to an airfield where Alex is captured and Nightshade break their promise and shoot Tom. Nightshade then flee before Alex can stop them.

Does Tom survive?

What link does Real Time have to Nightshade?

Does Alex stop Nightshade?

Read the book to find out!

We recommend this book to 10+ readers who like action novels, you don’t have to read the other Alex Rider books beforehand but it is recommended.

We give it 5***** and we hope that this is not the last book in the Alex Rider series. Please write another one Anthony Horowitz!


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