Alex Rider-Nightshade

7th April 2020
Alex Rider-Nightshade Book Cover Alex Rider-Nightshade
Anthony Horowitz

Crawley is In Brazil to find his agent Pablo who has secret information that he has gathered on a major terrorist organisation called Nightshade but before he is able to tell Crawley about them, two children flying a RC plane with knives attached to the wings, murder him. As the two children try to escape on a moped, the Brazilian police catch one of the children. The captured boy is taken to prison but he will not talk. Even after interrogation. During the time that he is detained in Brazil, he kills five officers and seriously wounds two others. Due to this, he is moved to a maximum-security prison in Gibraltar. MI6 are worried about the threat of this terrorist organisation and as they cannot extract information from the boy, they have to take a different approach. They decide to get Alex Rider to go to prison with him and pretend to be Julius Grief, his dead clone from Point Blanc, who was previously detained there. This is a very risky mission and Alex will be in grave danger, as the most deadly terrorists and assassins in the world will be around him.

Does Alex become friends with the boy?
Do they escape from prison together?
Can Alex stop Nightshade before they perform the terrorist attack of the century?
Read the book to find out!

We really enjoyed this book and we cannot wait for the next one from this amazing author. This book was so good that we read it in less than a day and we were kept on the edge of our seats.

We recommend this book to 10+ readers who enjoy action and James Bond.

We give this book 5 quintillion stars.

If you missed Anthony’s live stream on YouTube about Alex Rider then you also missed our shout out. Watch it here!


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