Alex Rider – Secret Weapon

22nd April 2019
Alex Rider - Secret Weapon Book Cover Alex Rider - Secret Weapon
Alex Rider
Anthony Horowitz

In this amazing book, there are 7 amazing short stories which are written to show occurrences that took place before or between the other books in the amazing Alex Rider series. These short stories were always full of danger and always kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t put the book down until I had finished all the stories.

So that I don’t ruin this book for you, I’ve only written about 2 of the stories. These are my favourite stories in this book.

Alex in Afghanistan

In the middle of the Afghan desert, there were 5 men and a boy; the boy’s name was Alex Rider. Alex was on a mission to expose a terrorist and find the place where he planned to make nuclear weapons to sell to other terrorist organisations in the Middle East. But when Alex’s mission went horribly wrong after he was deceived by one of the 5 men that he was travelling with, Alex had to fight for his life once again.

The man with 11 fingers

Alex is not scared of anything, apart from the dentist. He was due to have a filling and he wasn’t looking forward to it. On the way, he noticed someone giving out chocolate bars and when he took one, he realised that there was something wrong; they couldn’t spell Cadbury. Then he noticed a man that he had seen on one of his other missions. It didn’t add up! So, he hid in the back of the man’s van. He was taken to a factory where he discovered the master plan; to break out a criminal who stole over £100,000,000 through bank fraud, so that this gang can take some of his money. Can Alex stop them? What is the massive plot twist at the end of the story?

I love these books and recommend them to readers aged 9+ who love spies.

Don’t forget to read the other books first!

I would love to see more short stories and I give this book 6******.


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