Alfie Onion

4th April 2016
Alfie Onion Book Cover Alfie Onion
Vivian French

Aggie believed in fairy tales. On Aggie’s 18th birthday, she married a pig farmer. Together, they had 8 sons. The 7th son was called Magnifico and he was the 7th son of a 7th son which made him a hero! They didn’t want Alfie, who was the 8th son because they didn’t need him!

Aggie sent Magnifico on a journey to kiss a princess so they could all live in glorious luxury! They decided to use Alfie to help Magnifico carry his picnic baskets, as Magnifico was too fat, greedy and lazy to do it himself! So, together with Alfie’s talking dog, they set off on the 7th day of the 7th month.

They didn’t realise that 2 magpies called Kev and Perce were spying on them to take their sparkly, shiny stuff away from them. Halfway through the journey they met a man called J. Jones and bought a horse for some porkpies. In the saddlebag, there were 2 mice called Norman and Penelope. This is where the ADVENTURE BEINGS…

Do they really live in glorious luxury forever?

Do they live happily ever after?

We recommend it to 7+ good, adventurous readers. We give it 6 stars. We really like the illustrations and like what happened in the story.



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