Algy’s Amazing Adventure in the Jungle

5th May 2014
Algy’s Amazing Adventure in the Jungle Book Cover Algy’s Amazing Adventure in the Jungle
Kaye Umansky

This book is about a boy called Alegernon (Algy). One day he was moving house and he kept on getting in the way of the removal men.

Algy met a girl called Cherry. They went to play in Algy’s new shed. The door was shut so Algy kicked it open and when they got in they found a box. Algy tried to open the box but Algy broke the shed wall when he fell backwards. On the other side of the wall they saw a jungle.

Is this when the adventure begins?

Do they get into danger?

I liked it when Algy fights a crocodile.

I give it 1,000/1,000

I recommend it to people who like adventure books aged 6+. I want to read more of the Early reader books!


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