All The Things That Could Go Wrong Book

9th September 2018
All The Things That Could Go Wrong Book Book Cover All The Things That Could Go Wrong Book
Stewart Foster

This book is about an unlikely friendship between 2 enemies who have issues that affect their behaviour in good ways and bad ways. However, does this bring them closer together or make them hate each other even more?

Alex has lots of worries because he has OCD. He is also getting bullied by: George, George, Sophie and Dan and their mission is to make Alex’s life a misery. They wait for him at school every day to either steal his shoes or dunk his head down the toilet. No one is Alex’s friend!

Dan’s brother is in prison and it is making Dan angry. So, Dan takes his anger out on Alex as he is vulnerable.

One day Alex is forced by his mum to help Dan (remember Dan is his enemy and is a bully) to build a raft; could things get better?

Does Dan become his friend?
Does Alex stop worrying?
Do they stop bullying Alex?

You will need to read the book to find out!

We really enjoyed this book and we also really enjoyed Stewart Foster’s “The Bubble Boy,” which we have also reviewed on our website.

We recommend this book to 10+ readers. We give it 6/5 stars!


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