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16th September 2013
Animation Studio Book Cover Animation Studio
Helen Piercy

This is a really cool set. We really enjoyed it and it was lots of fun! First we made up the story, then we got the scenes ready and then our adult helper started to take the photos while we slowly moved the characters.

When we had the photos, we used some animation software, which you can download from the Internet and our adult helper put it all together for us.

We then recorded our voices on a mobile phone and added them to the software.

It was so much fun that we think we will be making another one very soon!

We would give it 100 stars because it is so good.

P.S. You might need an adult to help you with the animation.

From a parent’s point of view – this is a great animation set for children as it contains lots of ideas and scenes that you can choose from. You need to have some I.T. knowledge to be able to put the photos together using animation software that you can download from the Internet, as it doesn’t come with this set. Great family activity for a rainy day! Highly recommend it!



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