Arctic Star

30th May 2021
Arctic Star Book Cover Arctic Star
Tom Palmer

This book is about 3 lifelong friends called Stephen, Joseph and Frank, who are from Plymouth and who all love boats. When the Second World War starts in 1940 they all enrol in the navy (as their fathers had been doing for centuries) and are tasked with guarding an Arctic Convoy traveling with supplies to help Russia who is their ally. The ship’s crew live in constant fear of German U-boats, torpedoes, and the German battleship, the Scharnhorst. They know that every second could be their last. They must travel north of the German bases in Norway and avoid combat with the German air force and Navy, and survive the freezing arctic waters.

They have all heard stories about Russia and Joseph is excited to visit and understand the differences between the two nations but luck doesn’t appear to be on their side leading to disaster after disaster. And Joseph’s love of Russia is ruined after he realises that it isn’t as amazing as he originally thought!

What disasters happen?

Do they make it back home?

Read the book to find out!

We really enjoyed reading this book (along with all the other fantastic books written by this amazing author) and we can’t wait to read more books like this.

We give it 11/10 and we recommend this book to readers aged 10+ who enjoy learning about history and war.


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