S.T.E.A.L.T.H. Access Denied
Uncategorised / 8th August 2022

Title: S.T.E.A.L.T.H. Access Denied Author: Jason Rohan Publisher: Nosy Crow This book is about two friends called Arun and Sam. They are both at school when a girl called Donna tells them that she saw police outside Arun’s house. Donna is not seen as a good influence on students at school; her dad is in prison and she is always bunking off lessons but she manages to convince Arun and Sam to bunk off with her and break out of the school to see what is going on. On their way to Arun’s house, a man tries to kidnap Arun but Donna saves him by spraying the man with pepper spray. When they arrive home, there are police around the house so they have to sneak in. They manage to get in and they find out that Arun’s dad has been kidnapped. They realise that they can’t trust the police to get the job done so they take matters into their own hands. They steal Arun’s dad’s laptop and run away to Sam’s house where they discover the plans to build a secret robot called MANDROID. Is this linked to Arun’s dad being kidnapped? What is MANDROID capable of? Can…

Sisters of the Lost Marsh
Uncategorised / 6th June 2022

Title: Sisters of the Lost Marsh Author: Lucy Strange Willa is one of 6 children plagued by the curse of six daughters. She lives with her older sisters, Grace and Freya and her younger sisters who are triplets named Dolly, Darcy and Deedee. She also lives with her kind Grammy and controlling, curse-obsessed Dadder. Dadder has arranged for Grace to marry a horrible old man in the village called Silas Kirby in exchange for one of his fine horses but Grace doesn’t want to marry him. He needs Grace to be married otherwise the curse says that he will be buried dead by his youngest daughter. One night, leading up to the day of Grace’s marriage to Silas Kirby, a fayre arrives in town called The Full Moon Fayre. The three oldest sisters see this as an opportunity to escape for a while from the horrors of their world but it doesn’t go to plan. Whilst at the fayre, Grace sees a fortune teller. Grace hopes for some comfort in her future but instead the fortune teller gives her, her money back and tells her to run. The next morning Grace is gone. In the following months, Dadder becomes increasing…

The Star Outside My Window
Uncategorised / 3rd January 2022

Title: The Star Outside My Window Author: Onjali Q. Raúf This book is about a girl called Aniyah and her little brother Noah. Aniyah and Noah have just been moved to a foster home because their mum is gone but she wants to find her. The last encounter that Aniyah remembers with her mum is her mum telling her that they were playing a big game of hide and seek and they needed to hide for as long as possible from Aniyah’s dad. Aniyah and Noah aren’t the only ones in the foster home, there are also three other children called Travis, Ben and Sophie. Travis and Ben are really nice to Aniyah and Noah when they arrive and they get on well but Sophie is really mean to them as well as to everyone in the foster home. The foster home is run by a lady called Mrs Iwuchukwu. She is a really nice lady and unlike Aniyah’s dad she never seems to get mad, even when Noah wets the bed every night. Aniyah wants to be a “Star Hunter” which is what she calls astronomers. When she was younger her mum taught her about stars and she knows…

The Night Bus Hero
Uncategorised / 9th August 2021

Title: The Night Bus Hero Author: Onjali Q. Raúf This book is about a boy called Hector who is a bully. He makes fun of all the kids in his class and with the help of his two best friends, Will and Katie, he also steals from them. Hector hates everyone who is stupider than him but the people that he hates the most are the teachers’ pets. They infuriate him so much that he specifically goes out of his way to make their life hell. Hector is always getting into trouble but he doesn’t mind as his best ideas come from when he is in detention. But recently he has been caught more often and his friends think that he is slacking. Hector needs to do something despicable and fast so he can gain their trust back. On their way home from school, Hector sees a homeless man and an idea hits him. He needs to steal the homeless man’s hat. But things don’t go as planned and he gets caught again. So the next day he tries something even more despicable, he steals the old man’s trolley. As he pushes it down the hill though, it rolls into…

Cardboard Cowboys
Uncategorised / 2nd April 2021

Title: Cardboard Cowboys Author: Brian Conaghan This book is about a boy called Lenny who has just moved to secondary school. Lenny is being bullied because he is fat so he spends most of his time bunking off school on his bench by the river. His family also seems distant and act like they don’t appreciate him. His parents spend all their time thinking about his brother who is no longer at home. One day, when Lenny is bunking off school, he is eating his daily snack by the river when he decides to throw his rubbish in the water. Out of nowhere, a man in a red bobble hat appears and shouts at him. Lenny is scared and runs back to school but he can’t stop thinking about the man in the red bobble hat all day. The next day, he is brave enough and decides to return to the river and look for the man. While he is there, he finds the man’s house; it is made of cardboard. Lenny is scared that he will be kidnapped by this strange homeless man but instead they become friends. This is the start of an unlikely friendship between him and…

Rocky of The Rovers
Uncategorised / 22nd December 2020

Title: Rocky of the Rovers Author: Tom Palmer Rocky Race is a great footballer just like her older brother Roy. This book focuses on her journey through football and her struggles as a female football player. Rocky’s brother Roy is already a professional football player and he plays for Melchester Rovers and has a very important League Cup Final to play at the end of the week. Rocky is very excited and so is most of Melchester, but Rocky has other things to focus on. Recently she has been having panic attacks, she has them when she wakes up and sometimes she can’t leave the house. It has got worse since she went to Ffion’s house to deliver a card to congratulate her for becoming the captain of the Wales U-18 team. Ffion is Roy’s girlfriend and also the captain of Rocky’s football team. While she was there she heard shouting from inside and saw Ffion and her brother Vic arguing with Roy trying to split them up. Vic got angry and punched Roy and pushed Ffion then ran out of the house crying. Rocky was very shocked by this because she looks up to Vic as she sees lots…

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Uncategorised / 2nd February 2020

Title: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Author: Mark Haddon When Christopher Boone, discovers the body of his neighbour’s poodle, Wellington, on the neighbour’s front lawn one evening he knows he has to find the murderer. Christopher has autism and after Christopher hits a police officer in a misunderstanding at the scene of the crime, the police arrest Christopher. They release Christopher as long as he promises to them and to his father not to look into the murder any further. As part of a school assignment, Christopher writes this book. Ignoring repeated warnings from his father, Christopher still investigates the crime scene and interviews the residents of his block. As Christopher finds out more information, he writes it in his book. However, when Christopher accidentally leaves his book on the kitchen table his father reads it, becomes angry, and confiscates it. Later, while searching for his book Christopher finds a series of letters, hidden in a shirt box in his father’s closet, addressed to him from his supposedly dead mother. Christopher is confused and when his father comes home and realizes what has happened, he breaks down in tears. His father apologizes for his lies, explaining…

My Parents Cancelled My Birthday
Uncategorised / 17th December 2019

Title: My Parents Cancel My Birthday Author: Jo Simmons Tom can’t wait for his special birthday. He is going to be 11! It will be his special birthday because he was born on the 11th and it’s his 11th birthday and his birthday is going to be BETTER than Chas Cheeseman’s! His birthday will be remembered FOREVER! But disaster strikes… his sister’s pet pig falls off the roof and squashes Grandma’s chihuahua and his sister believes she is cursed by the tooth fairy! More disasters keep happening and Tom’s parents are so stressed that they cancel his birthday! Tom is distraught but what can he do? With the help of a pig zebra, some chickens and his friends, can Tom save his birthday? Read the book to find out! I recommend this book to 8+ readers who enjoy a laugh. Don’t forget to read I Swapped my brother on the Internet which is equally funny and a great read! Here is our review for it. I give it 5*****.

The Funny Life of Teachers
Uncategorised / 21st July 2019

Title: The Funny Life of Teachers Author: James Campbell What do teachers do when we all leave to go home? Do they even leave school? This book tells you everything that you need to know about teachers in a face-achingly funny way! Just don’t let your  teachers catch you reading it! This amazing book can be read in approximately 65,537 different ways so you need your emergency banana to keep you going! ? I give this book 5 *****. If you enjoy this book, don’t forget to read The Funny Life of Pets! It’s a fantastic book! What are you waiting for? ?

Alex Rider – Secret Weapon
Uncategorised / 22nd April 2019

Title: Alex Rider – Secret Weapon Series: Alex Rider Author: Anthony Horowitz In this amazing book, there are 7 amazing short stories which are written to show occurrences that took place before or between the other books in the amazing Alex Rider series. These short stories were always full of danger and always kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t put the book down until I had finished all the stories. So that I don’t ruin this book for you, I’ve only written about 2 of the stories. These are my favourite stories in this book. Alex in Afghanistan In the middle of the Afghan desert, there were 5 men and a boy; the boy’s name was Alex Rider. Alex was on a mission to expose a terrorist and find the place where he planned to make nuclear weapons to sell to other terrorist organisations in the Middle East. But when Alex’s mission went horribly wrong after he was deceived by one of the 5 men that he was travelling with, Alex had to fight for his life once again. The man with 11 fingers Alex is not scared of anything, apart from the dentist. He was…