Groosham Grange
Uncategorised / 2nd August 2018

Title: Groosham Grange Author: Anthony Horowitz David lived in a rich family who wanted the best for him. They were a bit mean when he got expelled from school and his dad threatened him with a knife! His family was very rich and his dad worked in a bank so they could afford to send him to the top schools but when an advert for a free boarding school comes up, they don’t hesitate to send him there! The school is called Groosham Grange. Strange things happen at Groosham Grange, such as the Assistant Headteacher keeps fresh blood in his room, the French teacher disappears every full moon and all the students act like zombies! Does David’s dad forgive him? Does David survive his experience at Groosham Grange? Does David make new friends? Read the book to find out! I recommend this book to 9+ readers who like a bit of horror, magic and mystery! Anthony Horowitz is famous for his Alex Rider books but he also writes lots of other fantastic books too. We are a huge Anthony Horowitz fans in our house and one day we hope we will be able to include a signed Anthony Horowitz book on our “signed…

The Burning Maze (The Trials of Apollo Book 3)
Uncategorised / 5th June 2018

Apollo was once a Greek God. You might have heard of him! But now, he has been cast down by Zeus, his father and has become a mortal human. In this book, he has to free the third oracle and defeat the most bloodthirsty Roman Emperor with no powers! Can Apollo survive? Does Apollo make new friends? Can Apollo defeat the Roman Emperor? You will have to read the book to find out as I’m not giving any spoilers! I recommend this book to 10+ readers as it is quite long. Make sure you read the first two books first. I give it 11/10 and will definitely read the rest of this series. I couldn’t put this book down as it was so good! I can’t believe I have to wait so long for the next one to be released!  

Kat Wolfe Investigates
Uncategorised / 7th May 2018

Title: Kat Wolfe Investigates Author: Lauren St John If you like stories about animals, mystery and crime then this book is good for you. Kat and her mum, the local vet, live in London but after a break-in in their home, they decide it is time to move. They move to idyllic Bluebell Bay on the Jurassic Coast. When Kat starts a pet-sitting agency to get pocket money, something bad happens! Her first client goes missing! This leads to many more problems! Even worse, no-one believes her apart from Harper Lamb, her new best friend and second client! Can the mystery-solving duo crack the case? Read the book to find out! I recommend this book to 8+ and give it 5****. I couldn’t put it down!

The Day That Aliens Nearly Ate Our Brains
Uncategorised / 22nd March 2018

Title: The Day that aliens nearly ate our brains Author: Tom McLaughlin This book is about an ordinary boy called Freddy and his best friend Sal. It is set in an ordinary house, on an ordinary street, in an ordinary town of Wolverhampton. But they aren’t going to be ordinary for long! Freddy and Sal are trying to watch wrestling on TV by using next door’s transmitter but they accidentally disturb an alien called Alan, who wants to eat their brains. Soon the police, NASA and even the world leaders get involved and Freddy is in a lot of trouble! Do the aliens kill everyone? Does anyone kill Freddy? Who can save everyone? Read the book to find out! I recommend this book to 9+ readers. If you like this book, read the books in the “Accidental” series – you’ll enjoy them! Have a look through our book reviews and you’ll find some of them. I give it 5*****    

My Magical Life
Uncategorised / 18th February 2018

Title: My Magical Life Author: Zach King Zach’s family is magical. But there is one problem – Zach hasn’t found his magical object yet and his family fear that he has been skipped over and isn’t magic after all. This is a big problem because Zach is home-schooled but now he must go and face the dangers of a real school. However, on his first day, he makes a friend called Aaron but he also makes an enemy called Tricia, who covers him in condiments and trips him up. When he falls over he falls into a vending machine; a true sign that he is magical. Does Zach find his magical object? Does anyone find out about Zach’s magical powers? If he finds his magical powers, will he get home-schooled again? Read the book to find out! This book was really funny and I really enjoyed reading it. I recommend it to readers aged 8+ as most of it was easy to read and the comic format is really good for younger readers. I give it 10/10. Zach’s family is magical. But there is one problem – Zach hasn’t found his magical object yet and his family fear that he…

Radio Boy and the Revenge of Grandad
Uncategorised / 18th February 2018

Title: Radio Boy and the Revenge of Grandad Author: Christian O’Connell This is the second book in the series and it is about a boy called Spike who is also known as “Radio Boy”. Spike has his own radio show called “The Secret Shed Show”, which is still running after his run-in in the first book with “Fish Face” (Spike’s headmaster). One day, Spike’s Grandad arrives at his house after being kicked out by his Nan! Spike makes the mistake of letting Grandad aka Tony Fandango make a guest appearance on his radio show. Grandad takes over the whole show and Spike has no other choice but to fire him! This doesn’t go down well with Grandad though. He swears revenge on Spike but how… by entering Radio Star of course, which is the competition that Spike is desperately hoping to win so that he can launch his career in radio. Spike needs his best friends Artie and Holly to help him win Radio Star but do they? Who wins Radio Star? Does Grandad get his revenge? Read the book to find out! I really enjoyed this book because it made me laugh. I recommend it to 10+ readers who…

Planet Stan
Uncategorised / 11th February 2018

Title: Planet Stan Author: Elaine Wickson   Stan loves charts and he uses them to explain everything. Stan wants to win a telescope because he loves space. BUT one thing stands in his way… actually one person… his snot picking, loud, dinosaur loving brother, Fred. Fred is always up to mischief like colouring in Rory, the T-Rex at the museum or stealing the new exhibition! It gets worse when Fred realises that Rory is being removed from the museum and he nearly ruins Stan’s chances of entering the competition! Does Stan win? Does Rory leave the museum? Does Fred finally get along with Stan, like all good brothers should? 🙂 Read the book to find out! I recommend this book to 9+ readers who like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I really enjoyed the way this book was written and I think more books should include charts, diagrams and graphs to make them more interesting! I give it 5*****.

The Eye of the North
Uncategorised / 7th January 2018

Title: The Eye of the North Author: Sinéad O’Hart Emmeline’s parents are always away on business trips and they always bring home strange and dangerous creatures. Emmeline is usually prepared for anything but when her parents go missing, she can’t change what would happen next. So, she finds herself on a ship to France where she discovers a stowaway called Thing. Soon, they become the best of friends. It turns out Dr. Siegfried Bauer (the person who kidnapped her parents) doesn’t only want her parents – he wants her too and he’ll do anything to get her! Does Emmeline get captured? Why does he want her? Why is Thing a stowaway? Read the book to find out! I found this book a bit slow at the beginning as I am not particularly interested in mythical stories or monsters but I carried on reading it!  I’m so glad that I did, as I think it had a great ending. I recommend it to 12+ readers who enjoy magical stories. I give it 4****.

A Far Away Magic
Uncategorised / 24th December 2017

Title: A Far Away Magic Author: Amy Wilson Angel’s parents have died from a “violent burglary” but Angel knows that this isn’t true because she heard it; a magical beast! When she arrives at her new school, she meets a boy, called Bavar. He doesn’t quite fit in either! He is really tall and he is always trying to hide. He has a kind of magic about him… But is he really magic? Could this magic have killed Angel’s parents? Can Angel and Bavar stop a disaster like this again? Read the book to find out! I found this book a bit slow at the beginning but I wanted to carry on reading it. If you find it a bit slow too, carry on reading as you will really enjoy the ending! I recommend this book to 12-13 year olds who love magic and fairy tales. If you like Abi Elphinstone books, you’ll enjoy this book. I give it 5*.

Skeleton Tree
Uncategorised / 23rd October 2017

Title: Skeleton Tree Author: by Kim Ventrella   This book is about a boy called Stanly. Stanly’s sister is called Miren and she is very sick. She has a rare lung condition where her lungs fill up with fluid. Mum is usually at work so Ms Francine looks after them both. She is from Kyrgyzstan and tells them lots of stories about her life. Mum and Dad are divorced and Stanly really misses his dad. So, when he discovers a skeleton growing in his garden and he comes across a “Discoverer’s Competition”, he is sure it will help him see his dad again. So, together with his friend Jaxon, they start to do some digging! Who or what is this skeleton and what does he want? Does Stanly see his dad again? What happens to Miren? What happens to the skeleton? You’ll have to read the book to find out! This book keeps you on the edge of your seat because you want to find out the connection between the skeleton and the other characters. I recommend this book to 11+ readers who like mystery and thriller books. This book is also a bit sad and emotional. I give it…