Alex Rider – Nightshade Revenge
Uncategorised / 28th December 2023

Title: Alex Rider – Nightshade Revenge Author: Anthony Horowitz In New York a man is murdered while investigating ‘Real Time’ an Augmented Reality Company who creates videogames. This book is the 14th book in the Alex Rider Series. At the beginning of this book, Alex’s best friend Tom gets kidnapped when they are skateboarding in London. Alex tries to chase the kidnappers; however, they get away with Tom. Alex, however, does not need to wait long for the kidnappers to get in contact. The kidnappers are Nightshade and they are back for revenge. In order to get his friend back, he needs to break one of Nightshade’s members out of prison, a boy who tried to kill him in the last book, Freddy Grey. In order to free Freddy Grey and exchange him for his friend, Alex is forced to break into a high security prison, smuggling a gun past security. When Alex reaches Freddy, he comes up with a plan to help them escape. They manage to escape successfully, and are taken by Nightshade to an airfield where Alex is captured and Nightshade break their promise and shoot Tom. Nightshade then flee before Alex can stop them. Does Tom…

The Soul Prophecy
Uncategorised / 11th April 2022

Title: The Soul Prophecy Author: Chris Bradford This book is about a girl called Genna and it is the second book in the series. If you haven’t read the first book, we recommend that you read it first as this review will contain spoilers and may not make sense. Since the first book Genna has been struggling to come to terms with her experience of past lives and glimmers. She has been meeting with her psychiatrist on a weekly basis. He does a variety of exercises with her to help her cope and to help her go from a victim to a survivor. On one particular day, the psychiatrist tries to convince Genna that her past lives are not real by making her have a forced glimmer. Genna had not had a glimmer since Phoenix had left after the death of Tanas. Her psychiatrist tells her that she builds up stories from all the different history books she has read and that her glimmers are all a figment of her imagination to help her cope with the stress of being kidnapped. Once Genna believes that this is the only possible solution to her problems, she finally accepts that her therapy…

The Boy at the Back of the Class
Uncategorised / 30th October 2021

Title: The Boy at the Back of the Class Author: Onjali Q. Raúf This book is about a girl called Alexa and her friends Tom, Josie, and Michael. They live in England and they are only nine years old. There used to be an empty seat at the back of their class but one day a new boy arrives and sits there. They are told that his name is Ahmet. Ahmet is a strange boy; he is shy and never speaks to anyone even when they try to speak to him. He also doesn’t join in with them at break-time because he stays inside the whole time. This confuses Alexa and her friends and they begin to feel sorry for the boy and want to become his friends. They start by giving him treats after school but he doesn’t want to take them. However, they don’t give up. One day Alexa, Josie, Tom, and Michael overhear teachers talking about Ahmet and they learn that he is a refugee child from Syria and that no one speaks his language. They also hear some of the parents outside the school gate spreading lies and being rude about Ahmet and saying that he…

When the Sky Falls
Uncategorised / 29th July 2021

Title: When the Sky Falls Author: Phil Earle This book is set during World War 2 and it is about a boy called Joseph. Joseph used to live with his grandma up in Northern England while his dad was away fighting in France. However, his grandmother couldn’t handle his angry behaviour so she sent him away to a woman in London called Mrs F. When he arrives in London, he doesn’t get off to a good start with Mrs F, like most people he meets. She also took an instant disliking to his behaviour and this causes him to feel isolated. Mrs F forces him to work with her at the local zoo that she owns but he hates it there. There are barely any animals as they were all sent away or killed because of the war. One day, when he is standing next to one of the cages, he starts hitting the bars with a sudden burst of anger and a gorilla appears and charges at him through the bars. The gorilla is called Adonis and Joseph instantly hates him as he gave him the fright of his life. Later that night Joseph finally experiences an air raid…

Crater Lake Evolution
Uncategorised / 3rd July 2021

Title: Crater Lake Evolution Author: Jennifer Killick This is the second book in the Crater Lake series. Lance and his friends have just gone off to Secondary School and don’t really talk with each other anymore as they all have new friends. One day while Lance is playing videogames with his new friend Karim, there is a giant explosion at the Local University. Karim’s mum has been working on a project there called XGEN. This project is developing technology to make Straybridge (and then the rest of the world) a smart town. Later that night on the news, they announce that they had been keeping a dangerous creature at the University and that the creature had broken free during the explosion. This was then followed by Straybridge going into a full lockdown with an evening curfew. This causes Lance’s mum to go into a panic and she covers up all the cracks in the house and under the doorframes so that the creature could not attack them. Lance then wakes up early in the morning as he cannot sleep and finds his mum in the kitchen. She is pouring him some hot chocolate when she suddenly freezes. She is like…

Arctic Star
Uncategorised / 30th May 2021

Title: Arctic Star Author: Tom Palmer This book is about 3 lifelong friends called Stephen, Joseph and Frank, who are from Plymouth and who all love boats. When the Second World War starts in 1940 they all enrol in the navy (as their fathers had been doing for centuries) and are tasked with guarding an Arctic Convoy traveling with supplies to help Russia who is their ally. The ship’s crew live in constant fear of German U-boats, torpedoes, and the German battleship, the Scharnhorst. They know that every second could be their last. They must travel north of the German bases in Norway and avoid combat with the German air force and Navy, and survive the freezing arctic waters. They have all heard stories about Russia and Joseph is excited to visit and understand the differences between the two nations but luck doesn’t appear to be on their side leading to disaster after disaster. And Joseph’s love of Russia is ruined after he realises that it isn’t as amazing as he originally thought! What disasters happen? Do they make it back home? Read the book to find out! We really enjoyed reading this book (along with all the other fantastic…

The Little Local Book Hub
Uncategorised / 13th April 2021

We recently discovered The Little Local Book Hub in our area. It’s a place where the whole family can go and swap or borrow books. Our local Book Hub has a phone box (and book shelves) full of exciting books for all ages and the lady who runs it, is really helpful and has book recommendations for everyone. We discovered a new author while we were there called Joe Craig and and we are really enjoying his Jimmy Coates series at the moment. We will definitely be posting a 5* review soon!  Take a look at the Little Local Book Hub webpage to see if there is one near you.  The Book Brothers