CliffToppers – The Thorn Island Adventure
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Title: CliffToppers – The Thorn Island Adventure Author: Fleur Hitchcock This book is about four cousins called Ava, Josh, Aidan and Chloe and their dog Bella. Whilst on holiday with their grandparents, the cousins were having the time of their lives on the idyllic beaches. They had been spending their time looking for adventures and sailing their grandparents’ boat the Black Diamond, when Chloe believed that she had seen a face in the window of the tower on Thorn Island. They rushed back to tell the harbour master all about it and they hoped he would phone the police to investigate. He didn’t believe them; no one believed them. Chloe was adamant that she had seen a face in the tower, so they snuck out one night armed with a pair of binoculars to check if anyone was there. The police and harbour master wouldn’t listen without them being certain that there was someone there. So, the cousins had no choice but to attempt to rescue whoever was in the tower. They got their boat and their ladder and sailed over to the tower the following day. They rescued a boy from the tower called George, whose parents were very…

After The War
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Title: After the War Author: Tom Palmer This book is about friendship, memories and acceptance. The main characters are called Yossi, Mordecai and Leo and they are Jews who have arrived in the UK with 297 other boys from their concentration camp in Poland. They end up in idyllic Windermere in the north of England. Some of the boys are scared of going to England due to the horrors of the concentration camps, which they never want to experience again. Yossi hopes his father is still alive as his father disappeared on a death march between two camps. The rest of Yossi’s family were killed in Auschwitz, so his father may be his only living relative left! The 3 boys all want to go to different places in the future. Mordecai wants to go to Leeds as there is a large Jewish community there but Leo wants to go to Palestine as he was told it was the only safe place for Jews in the world. Yossi just wants them to stick together as they are like family to each other and they have shared the same experiences. Do the boys go their separate ways or do they stick together?…

Crater Lake
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Title: Crater Lake Author: Jennifer Killick Every Year 6 class has a residential trip and this book is about a class who are the first people to go to a new place called Crater Lake. The main characters in this book are Lance and his friends Chetan, Katja, Big Mak and Adrianne and throughout the book we see how close their friendship is. On their way to Crater Lake, they came to a sudden halt followed by a crunch. The coach had hit someone. Then a guy came up to the side of the bus and “SPLAT” his bright red bloody hand thumped against the side of the window. He shouted “DON’T GO TO CRATER LAKE!” The children couldn’t understand what was wrong with it. All of them then had to get off the bus and walk all the way to the gate. It seemed a bit odd that they were not greeted by any Crater Lake staff and that they had to wait half an hour to meet Digger, the manager of Crater Lake. There was something creepy about this place! When everyone was locked in their rooms, Lance had to find a way to free everyone and work…

Brightstorm and Darkwhispers (two book reviews in one!) :)
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Title: Brightstorm and Darkwhispers Author: Vashti Hardy These books are about 2 children called Maudie and Arthur Brightstorm. Their father is an explorer who goes on lots of expeditions around The Wide. In the first book, their father goes missing on a mission to South Polaris and is accused of a very serious crime by the most praised explorer Eudora Vane. Maudie and Arthur are determined to go to South Polaris to find the truth. They join a crew called The Culpepper Crew, which is led by Harriet Culpepper. When they arrive, they find something horrible; 13 graves, 1 for each of the crew members. They realise their father was the 14th member of the crew so they raised their hopes that he might have survived. They then continue attempting to get to South Polaris when they eventually find out the truth. Their father had made it to South Polaris but had died in the process of returning home. Eudora had poisoned the rest of his crew and killed them for a very dark reason. What is the reason? Do Maudie and Arthur get home? Is Eudora punished for her crimes? In the second book The Culpepper Crew sets off…

Get into Reading video
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We contacted our favourite authors and asked them if they could send us a short video to promote reading. We hope you like the video and that it inspires you to pick up a book or two during Lockdown! We wanted to thank Tom Palmer, Jennifer Killick, Fleur Hitchcock, Lucy Strange & Anthony Horowitz for helping us put this video together! Keep reading everyone!

The Book Brothers are “Guest Librarians” on The BOSS Cryptanalyst Library
Uncategorised / 30th May 2020

Harry at BOSS HQ asked us to recommend some new books for their BOSS Cryptanalyst Library. Codes and books, now that’s an offer we couldn’t refuse! 🙂  Check out the BOSS Cryptanalyst Library here.  Thank you Harry for asking us to contribute!  If you are interested in ciphers, check out the annual Cipher Challenge, which normally runs in the autumn term. It can be really challenging but it’s great fun!  The Book Brothers

Super Stan
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Title: Super Stan Author: Elaine Wickson Stan loves space and with a once in a lifetime event coming up he cannot miss the solar eclipse but his irritating brother Fred has other ideas. Fred is determined to stop global warming and reduce plastic and he even vandalises supermarkets to do so. Fred has been banned from the local supermarket Spendalls because he keeps emptying all their food on the floor to show how much plastic they waste. Stan and his brother set up operation plastic where they are trying to raise enough money to magic the old Victorian fountain back to life to stop everyone from using disposable bottles. When Stan’s gran announces that she is going to get married Stan becomes even more dejected as he realises that his chances of watching the eclipse are diminishing by the minute. However, Stan is in luck because the local radio station has announced a competition to win a trip on a private plane to see the eclipse. Stan wants to see the eclipse so he enters the competition. Does Stan see the Eclipse? Does Fred ruin things for him? Read the book to find out. If you like maths, charts and…

The Lost Tide Warriors
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Title: The Lost Tide Warriors Author: Catherine Doyle Fionn is the only Storm Keeper who can’t use his magic. The evil witch Morrigan has called her followers to go to Arranmore and large amounts of Soulstalkers are arriving daily. The islanders believe they are going to raise Morrigan on the Winter Solstice. Fionn believes the only way he can stop Morrigan is by finding the Tide Summoner a special shell which can call an Army of Merrows (vicious mermaids). No one believes that he can find it, so instead of helping him find it they make their own plans! They prepare for an invasion where they will use the Storm Keeper’s magic to kill the Soulstalkers (which is done by burning Fionn’s magical candles). Fionn goes into the past to get the Tide Summoner and finds where it is but cannot save it from falling into the ocean. He nearly dies when the boat he and his friends are in starts to sink. When he returns to his house, he has 1 day until the invasion but the Soulstalkers have surrounded his house and he has no way to escape. He uses the candle to enter another layer to get to…

Alex Rider-Nightshade
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Title: Alex Rider-Nightshade Author: Anthony Horowitz Crawley is In Brazil to find his agent Pablo who has secret information that he has gathered on a major terrorist organisation called Nightshade but before he is able to tell Crawley about them, two children flying a RC plane with knives attached to the wings, murder him. As the two children try to escape on a moped, the Brazilian police catch one of the children. The captured boy is taken to prison but he will not talk. Even after interrogation. During the time that he is detained in Brazil, he kills five officers and seriously wounds two others. Due to this, he is moved to a maximum-security prison in Gibraltar. MI6 are worried about the threat of this terrorist organisation and as they cannot extract information from the boy, they have to take a different approach. They decide to get Alex Rider to go to prison with him and pretend to be Julius Grief, his dead clone from Point Blanc, who was previously detained there. This is a very risky mission and Alex will be in grave danger, as the most deadly terrorists and assassins in the world will be around him. Does…

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Title: Rumblestar Author: Abi Elphinstone Casper is 11 and he hates risks and adventures. He is constantly bullied and feels out of place at his private school as his parents are not rich. One day Candida (the school bully) chases Casper into the library so she can tell him continuously that no one likes him and that he is poor. He runs to his tower and Candida follows him. He runs to find a hiding place and hides in his father’s grandfather clock that he was renovating, as the pendulum was not swinging. He can hear Candida calling out to him but all of a sudden, her shouting stops! He opens his eyes to see he is in a tree! This isn’t any normal tree; it’s a Neverlate Tree which gives people excuses on a piece of paper for being late. He sees a girl in the tree called Utterly. Her note says“BUSY CAPTURING CRIMINALS” and she presumes that the criminal is Casper, so she takes him to the castle. Casper finds out that he is in a magical world called Rumblestar. Casper wants to go home as he doesn’t want to be in Rumblestar. He is worried that his…