The Lion Above The Door
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Title: The Lion Above The Door Author: Onjali Q. Raúf Leo and his best friend Sangeeta are the only ones that look different to everyone else in their school. On the day this book starts Leo and Sangeeta are on a school trip to Rochester Cathedral and the RAF Museum.  When they are on a tour inside the cathedral with an old man called Mr Young, Leo is shocked to see a World War II memorial above a door with his name on it – Leo Hai Lim. Leo now knows that his mission is to find out more about him and why he received the Distinguished Flying Cross; one of the rarest medals an RAF pilot can get. With his new found determination, Leo suggests Forgotten Heroes as the theme for his class project on WWII. The project takes on even more significance when the class learn it will be put forward for a national Remembrance Day competition with the winning prize being a TV appearance. For his mission to discover more about Leo Hai Lim, Leo is helped by some of his friends.  Sangeeta’s role is to track down information on the part played by Indian soldiers in…

Jimmy Coates – Killer
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Title: Jimmy Coates – Killer (book 1) Author: Joe Craig This is a book about a boy called Jimmy Coates. Jimmy thinks he is a normal boy, however he really is a genetically designed assassin who will be ready to report to the government (NJ7) by the age of 18. The start of this series occurs when some men in suits come to Jimmy’s house to take him away for an early mission. Jimmy doesn’t know why they are there or who they are so Jimmy follows his instincts, and runs. Jimmy goes up to his room, jumps out of the window, and hides under his car. The agents cannot find Jimmy as they have seriously underestimated his skill, so they take Jimmy’s family hostage. Jimmy has now become a fugitive. Jimmy is later found by NJ7 and is made to work for them. His first target is a man who opposes the government called Christopher Viggo. He is trying to turn Britain back into a democracy as it is a Neo – Democracy which means people do not have the right to vote and everything sold in Britain is British. When Jimmy goes to assassinate Viggo, he tells him…

Vi Spy: Licence to Chill
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Title: Vi Spy: Licence to Chill Author: Maz Evans Vi’s mum (Easter Day) is an ex-spy who has spent the past eleven years in retirement in order to protect her daughter from evil. However, as everyone knows Spies are awful at keeping secrets and Vi finds out that her Mum is a spy and wants to follow in her footsteps. One day, when her mum is getting married to George Sprout (who also happens to be Vi’s teacher and doesn’t know Easter is a spy) everything starts to go downhill. Vi’s real Dad, who she thought was dead, turns up and cancels the wedding. But why would he do that? Soon after, Vi finds out that her dad wants to see her more often even though Easter doesn’t think it is a good idea. He used to be known as Sir Charge and used to work with Umbra – the greatest super villain of all time – who had died whilst fighting Easter 10 years earlier. Vi suddenly decides she wants to see her dad more often as he may be her chance to become a Spy and get into Rimmington Hall (spy school), as he wants her to become…

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Title: Jungledrop Series: The Unmapped Chronicles Author: Abi Elphinstone The Petty-Squabbles are two of the worst children you can meet. Fibber and Fox are both fighting over who will save the family business. The person who saves the business will inherit all their money whilst the other one is shipped off to Antarctica. Fox believes her brother has a plan to save the business so, in a desperate attempt to save herself she steals his briefcase. Fibber chases Fox until she runs into an antique shop. This is where they meet Casper Tock. Fox hides the briefcase under a really old table and it’s here that she finds what looks like a marble but really, it is a Phoenix Tear. Casper tells them stories of him visiting the Unmapped Kingdoms but they do not believe him, as everyone knows that magic is “madness”. Fox then grabs Fibber’s briefcase and runs to the train station. Without checking, she jumps on the train that is there. Fibber follows her and the train whizzes away. What they don’t realise is that this is no ordinary train! If they had looked closely, they would have seen that the smoke coming out of the train…

The Taylor Turbochaser
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Title: The Taylor Turbochaser Author: David Baddiel Amy wants to become a racing car driver. There is just one small problem. Amy is in a wheelchair due to a car crash when she was younger. Amy’s wheelchair is broken so she gets a new electric wheelchair which was given to her from her divorced Dad who lives in Scotland. One of her friends at school called Rahul, who is an inventor, helps her devise a plan. He will modify her wheelchair to become a car. Amy gives him her new wheelchair and uses her old one. Her mum becomes suspicious about her using her old wheelchair so she asks Amy why she is using it. Amy says she is getting used to her new one but really Rahul us turning the Mobilicon Xr-207 into a supercar. Amy’s wheelchair is finally finished. Amy brings her mum and brother to Rahul’s garage for her mum’s reaction to be “What is that!” It doesn’t even look like a wheelchair. While this was going on, Amy’s brother put the image of it on Snapchat. Then Amy’s dad finds out. He wants it taken apart in 3 days or he will get it taken away….

Bodyguard: Hostage
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Title: Bodyguard: Hostage Author: Chris Bradford This book is about a boy called Connor Reeves. Connor’s dad was a secret bodyguard from the SAS. One tragic day when he was protecting the US Ambassador in Iraq they were ambushed and Connor’s Father died whilst also saving the Ambassador. A few years later Connor found out he was the UK boxing champion. He thought it was a shame that his Dad (who he thought was dead whilst being in the Army) wasn’t able to see him when he won. When he left, he saw a fight in an alleyway so he intervened and everyone ran away. The police then arrived and took him away as it looked like he had beaten up all the people. They then took him to BuddyGuard HQ and he started his Bodyguard training. He was quickly sent to America to Protect the President’s daughter whilst he is there, he discovers a big secret… his dad died saving the President when the President was the American Ambassador. This was a big shock for Connor. Does he protect the President’s daughter successfully? Who is a better Bodyguard Connor or his Dad? Read the book to find out. I…

Kat Wolfe Takes the Case
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Title: Kat Wolfe Takes the Case Author: Lauren St John Kat Wolfe and Harper Lamb were best friends and they lived on the Jurassic Coast. One day in their quiet town of Bluebell Bay there was a landslide. Harper’s Dad was a palaeologist and after the landslide, he discovered something big… something unimaginable… A “dragon” dinosaur and a dead human’s skull. But what did this all mean? A few days later, Kat and Harper were invited to Kat’s “Granddad’s” (AKA The Dark Lord and the Minister of Defence). That night at his house Kat went outside and saw 2 men fighting on the rooftop and then one of them used “Killer Move 10”, The Leaping Tiger and then the fight ended abruptly. When they got back, they found that someone had tried to steal one of the dragon’s teeth that had been discovered but luckily Kat was clever enough to have left a fake tooth in its place as she knew this might happen. This tooth could be used to make a Chinese medicine which could cure lots of illnesses. Their mission was to find out who stole the tooth and why. Their investigation started here but what did it…

The Dog who saved the World
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Title: The Dog who saved the World Author: Ross Welford This is the story of Georgie who one day gets a pet dog that is a mix-mash of dog breeds, so she calls him Mr Mash. Mr Nash is quickly returned to the place they get him from because Georgie’s dad gets a new girlfriend and guess what? She is allergic to dogs! Due to Mr Mash leaving, Georgie decides to help out at her local dog home, which just happens to be the place that causes the CBE (Canine Bourne Ebola) disease. One day when she is walking Mr Mash from the dog home, he steals a woman’s yellow swimming hat, so she makes a deal with Georgie: she either helps her or she will report Mr Mash to the authorities! The woman in question is called Dr Pretorius and she has created a machine that lets you experience the future in the present. There is one problem when they are testing it; there is a bug. It is a scorpion! It stings Georgie on the leg which causes her to go to hospital while CBE spreads and nearly kills all the dogs in the world! Georgie now has…

Jake Atlas and The Quest for the Crystal Mountain
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Title: Jake Atlas and the Quest for the Crystal Mountain Author: Rob Lloyd Jones  Do not read this book if you haven’t read book 1 and 2! 🙂  This book is about a boy called Jake and his family who are in Beijing looking for the Emerald Tablet in the tomb of The Terracotta Army. But a lot goes wrong! Let me explain what happens in a few words MASS DESTRUCTION! However, Jake and his family know where to find the next Tablet; on Mount Kailash in Tibet but they must overcome a few problems: You can’t climb Mount Kailash as it is a sacred mountain to the monks They need the Drak Terma to find it but it is guarded by the monks They make their journey to the Crystal Mountain but when they get to Tibet, the monks refuse to show them the Drak Terma because they don’t believe in the Buddhist Gods. So, they need another plan! One that shouldn’t be destructive but it is! 🙂  Do they get the Drak Terma?What happens next?Do they get the Tablet? You’ll have to read this exciting book to find out! I recommend it to 9+ adventure fans and give…

Roy of the Rovers – Teamwork
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Title: Roy of the Rovers – Teamwork Series: Roy of the Rovers Author: Tom Palmer This book is the 2nd book out of 3 in the Roy of the Rovers series. Read book 1 before this one otherwise it won’t make as much sense. Roy was gutted as he has just lost 2-1 to his rival team, Tynecaster. Hugo, the best player in the world, scored a goal in the last 5 seconds! This was made even worse as Roy had just scored his rocket goal and had nearly made football history. At the end of the match, Hugo tried to swap shirts with Roy but Roy refused and said he was taking it home for his half-paralysed father. He went to college the next day and experienced a bit of fame. He then went to Mel Park and found out he had a Gola boot deal and could make thousands of pounds from it. At home, he got a call from Johnny Dexter (The Rovers’ coach) who asked him to explain a video of him that was going around school. That video could destroy his football career and his reputation. Which brothers were quoted in this book? (CLUE: us!)…