Baker’s Magic

1st January 2016
Baker's Magic Book Cover Baker's Magic
Diane Zahler



This book is about a girl called Bee who has run away from her foster parents to Zeewal (a magical town). She is starving and due to this, she steals a bun from a baker. When she is seen she tries to run but she falls over and the baker catches her. When she tells him her story, the baker takes pity on her and she becomes his apprentice. Soon she finds out that she has some magic powers and this is when her adventure begins. After a while, problems start and then they multiply! She must save her town and her friends but how can she do it with such little magic?

I really like this book and I especially like the recipe it gives you at the end. I recommend this book to 9+ adventurous readers.

I give it 5/5 stars.



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