Bodyguard: Hostage

3rd January 2020
Bodyguard: Hostage Book Cover Bodyguard: Hostage
Chris Bradford

This book is about a boy called Connor Reeves. Connor’s dad was a secret bodyguard from the SAS. One tragic day when he was protecting the US Ambassador in Iraq they were ambushed and Connor’s Father died whilst also saving the Ambassador.

A few years later Connor found out he was the UK boxing champion. He thought it was a shame that his Dad (who he thought was dead whilst being in the Army) wasn’t able to see him when he won. When he left, he saw a fight in an alleyway so he intervened and everyone ran away. The police then arrived and took him away as it looked like he had beaten up all the people. They then took him to BuddyGuard HQ and he started his Bodyguard training.

He was quickly sent to America to Protect the President’s daughter whilst he is there, he discovers a big secret… his dad died saving the President when the President was the American Ambassador. This was a big shock for Connor.

Does he protect the President’s daughter successfully?

Who is a better Bodyguard Connor or his Dad?

Read the book to find out.

I give it 5 stars and recommend it to 9+ readers who love books like the Alex Rider series. I really liked these books and I couldn’t stop reading the series. I finished all the books in a few days.


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