Boy in Tights

28th April 2014
Boy in Tights Book Cover Boy in Tights
Kate Scott

This book is about a boy (Joe) and his parents who are spies! One day they were spying and then they were in BIG DANGER! So Joe has to leave his old school and go to a new school and house. He has to be disguised as a girl so they don’t get caught by the person they were spying on.

He made friends with a girl called Sam and they make a spy team. Using Joe’s parents spy gadgets they spy on their teacher Mr Caulfield because he was a robber and they call the mission Operation Numbered!

Do they complete the mission?

Do they find out Joe’s a boy?

You will have to read to find out.

I give it 1,000/1,000 because it’s a funny book and it’s extremely exciting.

I would like to read Boy in a Tutu because I like this one and I think it’s going to be funny too!


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