Bus Stop Baby

31st December 2018
Bus Stop Baby Book Cover Bus Stop Baby
Fleur Hitchcock

Eden and Amy are sisters and they live with their Dad as their Mum left them and has started a new life with her new family.

One day, on the way home from school, Amy finds an abandoned baby at a bus stop shelter. She finds it very difficult to understand how anyone could abandon a baby like that. Amy is also very sad as she has lost her purse with all her Christmas money in it and she thinks her best friend has stolen it. As she tries to find out more about the baby’s mother and who the purse thief is, she discovers something very shocking about her Granny, Zelda.

What is this shocking discovery?

Does she find the baby’s mother?

Does she find the purse thief?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!

I have read other Fleur Hitchcock books which I have thoroughly enjoyed. My first ever review was Dear Scarlett, which was written by Fleur Hitchcock. Bus Stop Baby doesn’t disappoint as it’s full of mystery and suspense which keep you reading.

I recommend this book to 10+ readers who enjoy a mystery!

I give it 5*****.



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