The Dreamsnatcher
Alexander's Top 10 / 14th August 2017

Title: The Dreamsnatcher Author: Abi Elphinstone Review by Daniel: This book is about a girl called Moll, a mysterious person called Skull and Moll’s wild cat Gruff. Moll woke up one night in her camp as she heard drums and rattles and calling. The dream snatch had started… Moll was the most important person in the Ancientwood even though she didn’t know it! One night she was caught by Skull’s henchmen and was locked in a cage because she couldn’t give them dark magic. She tried to escape with a boy called Alfie but they failed on their first attempt but they didn’t give up! They finally managed to successfully escape. What did they do to escape? Did they stop the evil Skull? Skull had an evil secret but what was it? You will have to read the book to find out! I recommend this book to 9+ adventure lovers. This is the first book in the trilogy and I am just reading the second book at the moment. I have had the pleasure of meeting Abi and she was amazing. I found out the inspiration for her books which is top secret! Hopefully you’ll get the chance to meet…

Never Say Die
Alexander's Top 10 / 9th April 2017

Title: Never Say Die Series: Alex Rider Author: Anthony Horowitz SPOILER ALERT: Do not read this book review until you have read all the other Alex Riders Books! Alex Rider has moved to San Francisco following the death of his guardian Jack Starbright. But is she really dead? When one day he received a three word long email, he realises that Jack is alive. The email is: ‘Alexx I’m Al’ Alex is due to go on holiday soon but he tells his new guardians (his best friend’s parents) that he is going to stay at home while they go on holiday. But he secretly flies to Egypt instead to see the place where Jack supposedly died. This leads him to France to find the Grimaldis but who are they and what do they want? This is where the action starts. I was really looking forward to this book because I really wanted to find out what happened to Jack. I read the book in 2 days as I couldn’t put it down! If you are an Alex Rider fan, you should read this book as it won’t disappoint you! If you like action and spy books, I recommend this book…

Stargazing for Beginners
Alexander's Top 10 / 5th March 2017

Title: Stargazing for Beginners Author: Jenny McLachlan This book is about a girl called Meg. Even though the title of the books makes it sound like a non-fiction book, it is a wonderfully written, emotional story. Meg has a big problem in this book! Her mum disappears on a ten day holiday to Mayanmar and Meg is left with her Granddad, to look after her baby sister Elsa and her smelly dog Pongo. However, it’s more like she has to look after Granddad, rather than him looking after her! Her mum’s disappearance couldn’t have come at a worst time. Meg is desperate to win a competition to go to Houston, to kick-start her dream career – an astronaut. But Mum leaving isn’t the only thing in her way; she needs to conquer her fear of stage fright, beat her rival Ed and make some friends on the way! What happens next is a rollercoaster of emotions. Doe Meg make any friends? Does Meg  win the competition? Does Meg forgive her mum for leaving her? Read the book to find out! I recommend this book to 11+ science fans. I give it 5*. From the title, I wasn’t sure how much…

Radio Boy
Alexander's Top 10 / 28th December 2016

Title: Radio Boy Author: Christian O'Connell   This book is about a boy called Spike who gets sacked from his favourite job, a radio presenter at his local hospital’s radio station, which is also the place where his mum works! Spike is 11 years old and he is really dejected about losing his job, so he goes to see his best friends, Artie and Holly, who make him feel better with some old skool music and out of date buns from Artie’s dad’s bakery. When Spike gets home, he tells his dad about getting sacked and he gives him the idea starting his own online radio station, streaming live from their garden shed in the “jungle” but Spike doesn’t want to do this. The next day at school, the headmaster launches a new school radio show (Merit Radio) and Spike hopes to be the star DJ. However, Spike’s excitement about his new role and his desire to impress the love of his life, Katherine Hamilton, doesn’t last long because he soon finds out that it is going to be run by his enemy, (also the school bully and headmaster’s son) Martin Harris. So, Spike follows his dad’s advice and under…

The Christmasaurus
Alexander's Top 10 , Daniel's Top 10 / 17th October 2016

Title: The Christmasaurus Author: Tom Fletcher This book is about a boy called William and his dad, Bob Trundle and a very special Christmas dinosaur. William LOVES dinosaurs – he has dinosaur pyjamas, dinosaur socks, a dinosaur toothbrush, dinosaur wallpaper, two dinosaur posters, a dinosaur lampshade and lots and lots of dinosaur toys. However, all William wants for Christmas is a REAL dinosaur, even though he knows that it is impossible! Meanwhile in the North Pole, something magical is happening… Whilst the elves are mining, they come across a strangely large egg, so they take it to Santa. Santa doesn’t know what it is until Christmas Eve when it hatches! Santa calls it the Christmasaurus ; the Christmasaurus is the last ever living dinosaur. Willipoos’, (the name William’s dad calls him) life is brilliant UNTIL a new girl comes to school. Her name is Brenda Payne. We call her Brenda “Payne by name and pain by nature”. Brenda ruins William’s life until… William meets the Christmasaurus. How does the Christmasaurus get into William’s house? What’s Brenda’s next evil plan? You’ll have to read the book to find out. We give 5* and recommend it to 9+ or younger if reading…

Bubble Boy
Alexander's Top 10 / 26th April 2016

Title: Bubble Boy Author: Stewart Foster Bubble boy is an emotional debut novel about a boy called Joe. He is 11 years old and lives in an isolated room on the 12th floor of a hospital. This is because he has a disease called SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency) which means he can’t fight off diseases as well as other people. This is because he doesn’t have enough white blood cells or a strong immune system. This makes his life miserable until someone new enters it… I really liked this book. I really enjoyed the conversations on Skype and on the BBC Forum between the main character Joe and the outside world. I think that the conversations really intrigued me because they were descriptive and interesting. I also like the superhero references throughout the book, such as in Joe’s dreams when he dreams he is Spiderman or Ironman and his best friend Henry is Captain America. Everybody calls Joe a superhero and in my eyes, he is; he is brave and courageous when his best friend (who he never gets to meet) dies and he has to live in an isolated room with only his nurses for company. If there is…

Wings – Flyboy
Alexander's Top 10 , Daniel's Top 10 / 24th January 2016

Title: Wings – Flyboy Author: Tom Palmer This book is about a boy called Jatinder, who likes football. At the beginning, he is on a camp and is playing a match. He gets a penalty but misses and is really angry with himself. On his way home he sees a man who is a Sikh like him and then he disappears. He tells Esther, one of the owners of the house he is in, about him and she shows him a book about the first Sikh pilot. That night, whilst reading the book, he sees the man in his room. Then…. he disappears! So Jatinder goes to sleep. The next night he has a dream or is it a reality? This is where his adventure begins. I really enjoyed this book because it was exciting and taught me a lot about the First World War. I recommend this book to 8+ history and football lovers. I give it 10/10  

Time Travelling with a Hamster
Alexander's Top 10 / 9th December 2015

Title: Time Travelling with a Hamster Author: Ross Welford Albert Chaudhury is 12 and has received a letter from his dad; his dead dad. He has to break into his old house to get a second letter. This letter tells him how to time travel back to 1984 to prevent his father’s tragic death in a go-kart accident. He has to do all of this whilst trying not to lose his precious hamster Alan Shearer and keeping it a secret from his granddad Byron, his mum, step-dad Steve and step-sister Carly. Can he time travel? Does he cause an accident or does he save his dad? Does he lose his hamster? This book has a rollercoaster of emotions and it ends with a cliff-hanger. I would really like to read a sequel. I recommend this book to ages 11+ as it has some inappropriate content for younger readers. I give it 5*.

The Accidental Prime Minister
Alexander's Top 10 , Uncategorised / 10th April 2015

Title: The Accidental Prime Minister Author: Tom Mclaughlin This book is about a boy called Joe, his mum and his best friend Ajay. Joe’s mum was the park warden and one day when Ajay came round for breakfast, some post came through the door saying…  THE PARK WAS CLOSING DOWN! So when the Prime Minister came to Joe’s town, Joe gave him a piece of his mind as his mum was going to lose her job. However, the press recorded his whole argument and put it on TV and Joe became very famous; soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo famous that the Prime Minister summoned him to Downing Street so he could be Prime Minister. “Little did he know that things would never be normal again.” When something like this happens, you always have someone who wants to take your place and in this case, it was evil Violetta, the Vice Prime Minister. Will Joe survive as Prime Minister? Or will Violetta (his nemesis & leader of the Anti-Silliness League) strive for victory? Will Jenkins (Joe’s secretary and second best friend) betray Joe and turn to the Anti-Silliness League? Read the book to find out! I recommend this book to 8+ readers because it has…

Galactic Hot Dogs Cosmoe’s wiener Getaway
Alexander's Top 10 , Uncategorised / 1st April 2015

Title: Galactic Hot Dogs Cosmoe’s wiener Getaway Author: Max Brallier Publisher: Simon & Schuster Childrens Books Pages: 304 This is the abridged version of my book review! 🙂 In the far future there is an alien called Humphree and his best friend Cosmoe the Earth-Boy. Humphree and Cosmoe are making a mega weiner which is the size of a jeep. They have made it for the Intragalactic Food Truck Cook-OFF which is a festival where everyone makes something to eat the QUEEN will judge it. It is a large competition but Cosmoe thinks he will still win it with his wiener… Until, someone takes his mega weiner…. Cosmoe has a rubbery elastic blob that is forever wrapped around his arm and can’t leave or he will die. His name is Goober and he can turn into things. Goober lassoes the weiner thief. That’s when they realise that they have just lassoed the evil Princess Dagger. They quickly escape in their ship, the Neon Wiener. But then, they realise that Princess Dagger is on board and that the Royal Navy are after them. Soon the whole Armada (the Queen’s ship) is after them.  The Queen sends a jet to unkidnap her…