The Christmasaurus
Alexander's Top 10 , Daniel's Top 10 / 17th October 2016

Title: The Christmasaurus Author: Tom Fletcher This book is about a boy called William and his dad, Bob Trundle and a very special Christmas dinosaur. William LOVES dinosaurs – he has dinosaur pyjamas, dinosaur socks, a dinosaur toothbrush, dinosaur wallpaper, two dinosaur posters, a dinosaur lampshade and lots and lots of dinosaur toys. However, all William wants for Christmas is a REAL dinosaur, even though he knows that it is impossible! Meanwhile in the North Pole, something magical is happening… Whilst the elves are mining, they come across a strangely large egg, so they take it to Santa. Santa doesn’t know what it is until Christmas Eve when it hatches! Santa calls it the Christmasaurus ; the Christmasaurus is the last ever living dinosaur. Willipoos’, (the name William’s dad calls him) life is brilliant UNTIL a new girl comes to school. Her name is Brenda Payne. We call her Brenda “Payne by name and pain by nature”. Brenda ruins William’s life until… William meets the Christmasaurus. How does the Christmasaurus get into William’s house? What’s Brenda’s next evil plan? You’ll have to read the book to find out. We give 5* and recommend it to 9+ or younger if reading…

Wings – Flyboy
Alexander's Top 10 , Daniel's Top 10 / 24th January 2016

Title: Wings – Flyboy Author: Tom Palmer This book is about a boy called Jatinder, who likes football. At the beginning, he is on a camp and is playing a match. He gets a penalty but misses and is really angry with himself. On his way home he sees a man who is a Sikh like him and then he disappears. He tells Esther, one of the owners of the house he is in, about him and she shows him a book about the first Sikh pilot. That night, whilst reading the book, he sees the man in his room. Then…. he disappears! So Jatinder goes to sleep. The next night he has a dream or is it a reality? This is where his adventure begins. I really enjoyed this book because it was exciting and taught me a lot about the First World War. I recommend this book to 8+ history and football lovers. I give it 10/10  

The Bolds
Daniel's Top 10 / 23rd July 2015

Title: The Bolds Author: Julian Clary The Daniel Mail – A fantastically funny new book by Julian Clary. The Alexander Times – A hilarious book – even the book laughs with you!  The book is about 2 ordinary hyenas called Spot and Sue, that live with their pack in Africa. One day Amelia and Fred Bold arrive in Africa and change the 2 hyenas’ lives forever by giving the hyenas a new identity and making them the new Mr and Mrs Bold (we won’t tell you how this happens!!!!!). The new Mr and Mrs Bold find themselves in an ordinary house in Teddington, living next door to Mr McNumpty (AKA Mr McGrumpy). After a while of living in Teddington, Mr and Mrs Bold give birth to twins – Bobbie and Betty and have to teach them how to be humans. This isn’t easy as hyenas have a long, bushy tail, a black smooth nose and a loud cackling laugh…. Will the hyenas’ secret be found out or do they discover a secret of their own? Does Mr McNumpty stay as Mr McGrumpy? We loved the book because it was funny, exhilarating and we couldn’t stop laughing. We would love to…

Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog
Daniel's Top 10 / 12th July 2015

Title: Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog Author: Claire Barker This story is about a dog called Knitbone Pepper the Ghost Dog. His owners are Winnie, Lord Pepper and Lady Pepper. They live at Starcross Hall. One day, Knitbone receives a letter from S.O.S. (Spirits of Starcross) inviting him to join them but also telling him to bring ginger biscuits to help them concentrate! Krispin, the baddie wants to catch all the ghosts so they star in his TV show! Nora Sockpuppet, the HOBTC (Head of Bartonshire Town Council) asks for £1,000,000 or there will be no Starcross Hall! DUNDUNDER!!! 🙁 Do they keep Starcross Hall or do they not??? Does Krispin catch them in his “Soul Box?” DUNDUNDER!!! I recommend this book to 7+ and give it 5*/5*. This book is funny and easy to read. I love the illustrations. I can’t wait for the second book!

Sedric and the Great Pig Rescue
Daniel's Top 10 , Uncategorised / 8th April 2015

Title: Sedric and the Great Pig Rescue Author: Angie Morgan Sedric lives in Soggy-in-the-mud in the DARK AGE! His friends are Eg, Veruca, Robin and Urk. This is the story: Sedric’s Pig Denzel gets locked up in the DUNGEON by the new Baron Dennis because he jumped on Prunehilda who is the Baron’s wife. Then the Baron came to Soggy-in-the-mud and took everybody’s turnips as tax to buy Roman things for his castle. When Sedric and his friends go to get Denzel back, they spot a thief coming out of the castle and ask him the quick way in and he tells them! When they get in Eg tricks the Baron and his wife whilst the rest search the castle from top to bottom for Denzel. Do they get put in the dungeon too? Do they get eaten by rats? Do they get their turnips back? Do they save Denzel? You will have to read this cool action-packed book to find out! I recommend it to 6+ early readers. I give it 11/10.

Julius Zebra Rumble with the Romans
Daniel's Top 10 , Uncategorised / 1st April 2015

Title: Julius Zebra Rumble with the Romans Author: Gary Northfield Julius the Zebra lives in Africa with his mum and brother Brutus. Everyday Julius and Brutus have to go to the lake for a drink but Julius HATES the lake and he thinks all the animals there stink! Also, Julius HATES his show off brother Brutus! Julius smells the sapphire, brown water at the lake and says Pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Then he secretly RUNS AWAY!!!! Julius and his friend Cornelius the warthog get caught in a big hole and end up at the COLOSEUM where the Romans fight! The Romans think that Julius is a stripy horse because they have never seen a zebra before because zebras only live in Africa and you wouldn’t find one in Rome! The Romans put Cornelius and Julius in a cage with a crocodile, giraffe, antelope and lion and the Romans make the animals fight against the Gladiators. Since Julius does so well, he joins Gladiator School and at Emperor Hadrian’s birthday bash, he battles against Victorius. Does he win against Victorius or does Victorius get his victory? Does Julius die? You need to read this hilarious, laugh out loud book! I like the cool illustrations…

Charlie Merrick’s Misfits in I’m a Nobody, Get Me Out of Here!
Daniel's Top 10 , Uncategorised / 18th March 2015

Title: Charlie Merrick’s Misfits in I'm a Nobody, Get Me Out of Here! Author: Dave Cousins One day Charlie and Sam (Sam’s his friend) and their gang (The Misfits) go to football camp. They were DRIVING FOR HOURS, then they turned up at the WRONG place and saw a weird man who had a metal eye, 2 scars, a shark tooth around his neck, a huge knife, a utility belt and a missing finger. They soon find out he is the leader of the Go Wild Centre and his name is Survival Clive! They end up having to do Survival Skills instead of football training because they turned up at the wrong place! They end up competing against a bunch of girls called the Wild Warriors, who are actually really good! How do they do against a bunch of girls? Were the Misfits scared to compete against the Wild Warriors? Did they win? Did they survive the training given by Survival Clive? You will have to read to find out. I enjoyed this book because it’s action-packed and I wanted to read on. I give it 101/100

Wigglesbottom Primary: The Toilet Ghost
Daniel's Top 10 , Uncategorised / 8th March 2015

Title: Wigglesbottom Primary: The Toilet Ghost Author: Pamela Butchart This book is about class 2R in WigglesBottom Primary and the book has 3 stories. I’m going to tell you about The Curse of the Itchy Carpet! Class 2R did show and tell and Bobby brought in a weird box which said Danger, Beware and DO NOT OPEN! Then Sunita opened it before Bobby could give it to the teacher AND during storytime the Curse CAME ALIVE! All the children were itching here and there, they were itching everywhere and the teacher especially was itching her bum! J Was the curse real? Did the teacher stop itching her bum? You’ll have to read this hilarious, funny book. I like this book because it’s got cool illustrations and 3 laugh out loud stories. I recommend it to ages 6-7 early readers. I give it 101/100. Becka Moor and Pamela Butchart – please write more books in the series as I love them! J

Woozy the Wizard
Daniel's Top 10 , Uncategorised / 19th August 2014

Title: Woozy the Wizard Author: Elli Woolard & Al Murphy This book is about a wizard called Woozy. All the village are ill because they have a bug and Woozy needs to help. So, Woozy helps by: Making them socks Making them stew And tucking them up in bed Furthermore as his magic never works, he thought he didn’t help! But why didn’t the magic work? You need to read to find out! I like the book because it’s hilarious, easy to read and it rhymes. Also, the pictures are really colourful. I give it 1000* I recommend it to 5+ early readers. I want to read more! 🙂

Boy in Tights
Daniel's Top 10 , Uncategorised / 28th April 2014

Title: Boy in Tights Author: Kate Scott This book is about a boy (Joe) and his parents who are spies! One day they were spying and then they were in BIG DANGER! So Joe has to leave his old school and go to a new school and house. He has to be disguised as a girl so they don’t get caught by the person they were spying on. He made friends with a girl called Sam and they make a spy team. Using Joe’s parents spy gadgets they spy on their teacher Mr Caulfield because he was a robber and they call the mission Operation Numbered! Do they complete the mission? Do they find out Joe’s a boy? You will have to read to find out. I give it 1,000/1,000 because it’s a funny book and it’s extremely exciting. I would like to read Boy in a Tutu because I like this one and I think it’s going to be funny too!