The Taylor Turbochaser
Uncategorised / 2nd February 2020

Title: The Taylor Turbochaser Author: David Baddiel Amy wants to become a racing car driver. There is just one small problem. Amy is in a wheelchair due to a car crash when she was younger. Amy’s wheelchair is broken so she gets a new electric wheelchair which was given to her from her divorced Dad who lives in Scotland. One of her friends at school called Rahul, who is an inventor, helps her devise a plan. He will modify her wheelchair to become a car. Amy gives him her new wheelchair and uses her old one. Her mum becomes suspicious about her using her old wheelchair so she asks Amy why she is using it. Amy says she is getting used to her new one but really Rahul us turning the Mobilicon Xr-207 into a supercar. Amy’s wheelchair is finally finished. Amy brings her mum and brother to Rahul’s garage for her mum’s reaction to be “What is that!” It doesn’t even look like a wheelchair. While this was going on, Amy’s brother put the image of it on Snapchat. Then Amy’s dad finds out. He wants it taken apart in 3 days or he will get it taken away….

Bodyguard: Hostage
Uncategorised / 3rd January 2020

Title: Bodyguard: Hostage Author: Chris Bradford This book is about a boy called Connor Reeves. Connor’s dad was a secret bodyguard from the SAS. One tragic day when he was protecting the US Ambassador in Iraq they were ambushed and Connor’s Father died whilst also saving the Ambassador. A few years later Connor found out he was the UK boxing champion. He thought it was a shame that his Dad (who he thought was dead whilst being in the Army) wasn’t able to see him when he won. When he left, he saw a fight in an alleyway so he intervened and everyone ran away. The police then arrived and took him away as it looked like he had beaten up all the people. They then took him to BuddyGuard HQ and he started his Bodyguard training. He was quickly sent to America to Protect the President’s daughter whilst he is there, he discovers a big secret… his dad died saving the President when the President was the American Ambassador. This was a big shock for Connor. Does he protect the President’s daughter successfully? Who is a better Bodyguard Connor or his Dad? Read the book to find out. I…

Kat Wolfe Takes the Case
Uncategorised / 17th December 2019

Title: Kat Wolfe Takes the Case Author: Lauren St John Kat Wolfe and Harper Lamb were best friends and they lived on the Jurassic Coast. One day in their quiet town of Bluebell Bay there was a landslide. Harper’s Dad was a palaeologist and after the landslide, he discovered something big… something unimaginable… A “dragon” dinosaur and a dead human’s skull. But what did this all mean? A few days later, Kat and Harper were invited to Kat’s “Granddad’s” (AKA The Dark Lord and the Minister of Defence). That night at his house Kat went outside and saw 2 men fighting on the rooftop and then one of them used “Killer Move 10”, The Leaping Tiger and then the fight ended abruptly. When they got back, they found that someone had tried to steal one of the dragon’s teeth that had been discovered but luckily Kat was clever enough to have left a fake tooth in its place as she knew this might happen. This tooth could be used to make a Chinese medicine which could cure lots of illnesses. Their mission was to find out who stole the tooth and why. Their investigation started here but what did it…

My Parents Cancelled My Birthday
Uncategorised / 17th December 2019

Title: My Parents Cancel My Birthday Author: Jo Simmons Tom can’t wait for his special birthday. He is going to be 11! It will be his special birthday because he was born on the 11th and it’s his 11th birthday and his birthday is going to be BETTER than Chas Cheeseman’s! His birthday will be remembered FOREVER! But disaster strikes… his sister’s pet pig falls off the roof and squashes Grandma’s chihuahua and his sister believes she is cursed by the tooth fairy! More disasters keep happening and Tom’s parents are so stressed that they cancel his birthday! Tom is distraught but what can he do? With the help of a pig zebra, some chickens and his friends, can Tom save his birthday? Read the book to find out! I recommend this book to 8+ readers who enjoy a laugh. Don’t forget to read I Swapped my brother on the Internet which is equally funny and a great read! Here is our review for it. I give it 5*****.

Check Mates
Uncategorised / 7th October 2019

Title: Check Mates Author: Stewart Foster Felix has ADHD which means that at times, he finds it difficult to concentrate, so he spends a lot of time in the “Staring at the Wall Club”. When he starts to go to his granddad’s house after school, his granddad makes a list of 10 things that he wants to teach Felix. One of the things on his list, is to play chess. You can imagine how happy Felix is about that! What Felix doesn’t realise is that his granddad is slowly teaching him how to play chess through the 10 activities on his list! Felix doesn’t realise straight away and it isn’t until he meets his friend Jake after school one day, that the penny drops. Felix starts to become really good at chess as he sits and plays it all the time with his granddad. He even starts going to chess club, which is something he would never had dreamt of doing before! He soon stops going to isolation because he is concentrating so much on his chess moves. His granddad watches him in all his chess games with the school but when Felix plays his last game, he realises that…

The Dog who saved the World
Uncategorised / 21st August 2019

Title: The Dog who saved the World Author: Ross Welford This is the story of Georgie who one day gets a pet dog that is a mix-mash of dog breeds, so she calls him Mr Mash. Mr Nash is quickly returned to the place they get him from because Georgie’s dad gets a new girlfriend and guess what? She is allergic to dogs! Due to Mr Mash leaving, Georgie decides to help out at her local dog home, which just happens to be the place that causes the CBE (Canine Bourne Ebola) disease. One day when she is walking Mr Mash from the dog home, he steals a woman’s yellow swimming hat, so she makes a deal with Georgie: she either helps her or she will report Mr Mash to the authorities! The woman in question is called Dr Pretorius and she has created a machine that lets you experience the future in the present. There is one problem when they are testing it; there is a bug. It is a scorpion! It stings Georgie on the leg which causes her to go to hospital while CBE spreads and nearly kills all the dogs in the world! Georgie now has…

The Boy who Flew
Uncategorised / 12th August 2019

Title: The Boy who Flew Author: Fleur Hitchcock Athan is a young boy that works for an old engineer called Mr Chen. They are making a flying machine on one of the days that the story is set. Athan goes home after a lot of hard work and then something CATASPHROPHIC happens… Mr Chen is murdered! Athan then decides to team up with Tod, his best friend, to build the flying machine; they just need to get the equipment for it before it’s sold at an auction. They also have to do it without anyone knowing, otherwise the people who killed Mr Chen, will kill them! Their suspicions arise regarding who Mr Chen’s murderer is when Athan’s mum finds a rich boyfriend who is also a colonel. Athan is doing this for his family as they are poor and if Athan builds it before anyone else, he gets 10,000 guineas. Are Athan and Tod murdered? Do they finish the flying machine and does it actually fly? We recommend this book to 8+ detective fans! We give this book 5*****. If you like this book, check out some of the other Fleur Hitchcock books that we have reviewed!…

Primary School Bookclub with Catherine Doyle and MrEPrimary
Uncategorised / 22nd July 2019

Title: The Lost Tide Warriors Author: Catherine Doyle We were lucky to attend the Primary School Bookclub event with Catherine Doyle and MrEPrimary at Bloomsbury Publishing HQ! Catherine spoke about her books and told the audience some very funny stories, like the story of the Salmon of Knowledge, which we have been asking all our Irish friends about! She talked about what her books are based on and she spoke about family links to Ireland. It was really interesting! Catherine also signed our books, which are on our very large (and also very full) signed bookshelves. Thank you for this Catherine. We look forward to more Primary School Bookclub events if you don’t mind us tagging along! 🙂  If you want to know more about Catherine’s first book The Storm Keeper’s Island  – here is our review!

The Funny Life of Teachers
Uncategorised / 21st July 2019

Title: The Funny Life of Teachers Author: James Campbell What do teachers do when we all leave to go home? Do they even leave school? This book tells you everything that you need to know about teachers in a face-achingly funny way! Just don’t let your  teachers catch you reading it! This amazing book can be read in approximately 65,537 different ways so you need your emergency banana to keep you going! ? I give this book 5 *****. If you enjoy this book, don’t forget to read The Funny Life of Pets! It’s a fantastic book! What are you waiting for? ?