Rocky of The Rovers
Uncategorised / 22nd December 2020

Title: Rocky of the Rovers Author: Tom Palmer Rocky Race is a great footballer just like her older brother Roy. This book focuses on her journey through football and her struggles as a female football player. Rocky’s brother Roy is already a professional football player and he plays for Melchester Rovers and has a very important League Cup Final to play at the end of the week. Rocky is very excited and so is most of Melchester, but Rocky has other things to focus on. Recently she has been having panic attacks, she has them when she wakes up and sometimes she can’t leave the house. It has got worse since she went to Ffion’s house to deliver a card to congratulate her for becoming the captain of the Wales U-18 team. Ffion is Roy’s girlfriend and also the captain of Rocky’s football team. While she was there she heard shouting from inside and saw Ffion and her brother Vic arguing with Roy trying to split them up. Vic got angry and punched Roy and pushed Ffion then ran out of the house crying. Rocky was very shocked by this because she looks up to Vic as she sees lots…

The Ghost of Gosswater
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Title: The Ghost of Gosswater Author: Lucy Strange Lady Agatha Asquith believes that she is the daughter of the earl and countess of Gosswater. However, when the Earl and Countess both die her evil cousin Clarence reveals to her that she was illegitimate and forces her out of her own home to live with a measly goose farmer. The goose farmer is her real father but they don’t really get on and Agatha is really struggling with the transition from being the rich daughter of the earl and countess of Gosswater to a peasant farmer. At her father’s funeral, she meets a boy called Bryn. Bryn works with the sexton on Skelter Island, which is where all the old earls’ graves are. The sexton believes that the island is haunted and at midnight on New Year’s Eve, a ghost will pass through the crack in time to right the wrongs of their life. Bryn and Agatha agree to return on New Year’s Eve to go ghost hunting. After they go Ghost Hunting, (Agatha sees a ghost) and then Bryn finds out the truth about his new friend. Does this destroy their friendship? Who is the ghost that Agatha sees? Does…

The Perfect Parent Project
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Title: The Perfect Parent Project Author: Stewart Foster This book is about family, friendship, love and never giving up hope. The main character is a boy called Sam (little c Big C) McCann. Sam is a foster child who has been passed around foster homes like a football and he is fed up. The only thing that Sam wants more than anything else is to find his perfect parents. Every day he makes lists about what his perfect parents must have such as a garage with a basketball hoop, a holiday to Disneyland, no gerbils and a BMW M5. Sam and his best friend Leah decide to take matters into their own hands and they start “The Perfect Parent Project” where Sam hopes that he can find a home instead of a house (because a house and a home are not the same thing). Sam keeps the project a secret and doesn’t tell anyone including his foster parents, Sarah and Tom, and his foster brother Reilly. He loves Reilly and helps him with everything he does, including playing his favourite videogame Ace Pilot. Sam’s dream is to go to Disneyland with his perfect family but his world comes crashing down…

CliffToppers – The Thorn Island Adventure
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Title: CliffToppers – The Thorn Island Adventure Author: Fleur Hitchcock This book is about four cousins called Ava, Josh, Aidan and Chloe and their dog Bella. Whilst on holiday with their grandparents, the cousins were having the time of their lives on the idyllic beaches. They had been spending their time looking for adventures and sailing their grandparents’ boat the Black Diamond, when Chloe believed that she had seen a face in the window of the tower on Thorn Island. They rushed back to tell the harbour master all about it and they hoped he would phone the police to investigate. He didn’t believe them; no one believed them. Chloe was adamant that she had seen a face in the tower, so they snuck out one night armed with a pair of binoculars to check if anyone was there. The police and harbour master wouldn’t listen without them being certain that there was someone there. So, the cousins had no choice but to attempt to rescue whoever was in the tower. They got their boat and their ladder and sailed over to the tower the following day. They rescued a boy from the tower called George, whose parents were very…

After The War
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Title: After the War Author: Tom Palmer This book is about friendship, memories and acceptance. The main characters are called Yossi, Mordecai and Leo and they are Jews who have arrived in the UK with 297 other boys from their concentration camp in Poland. They end up in idyllic Windermere in the north of England. Some of the boys are scared of going to England due to the horrors of the concentration camps, which they never want to experience again. Yossi hopes his father is still alive as his father disappeared on a death march between two camps. The rest of Yossi’s family were killed in Auschwitz, so his father may be his only living relative left! The 3 boys all want to go to different places in the future. Mordecai wants to go to Leeds as there is a large Jewish community there but Leo wants to go to Palestine as he was told it was the only safe place for Jews in the world. Yossi just wants them to stick together as they are like family to each other and they have shared the same experiences. Do the boys go their separate ways or do they stick together?…

Crater Lake
Uncategorised / 11th August 2020

Title: Crater Lake Author: Jennifer Killick Every Year 6 class has a residential trip and this book is about a class who are the first people to go to a new place called Crater Lake. The main characters in this book are Lance and his friends Chetan, Katja, Big Mak and Adrianne and throughout the book we see how close their friendship is. On their way to Crater Lake, they came to a sudden halt followed by a crunch. The coach had hit someone. Then a guy came up to the side of the bus and “SPLAT” his bright red bloody hand thumped against the side of the window. He shouted “DON’T GO TO CRATER LAKE!” The children couldn’t understand what was wrong with it. All of them then had to get off the bus and walk all the way to the gate. It seemed a bit odd that they were not greeted by any Crater Lake staff and that they had to wait half an hour to meet Digger, the manager of Crater Lake. There was something creepy about this place! When everyone was locked in their rooms, Lance had to find a way to free everyone and work…

Brightstorm and Darkwhispers (two book reviews in one!) :)
Uncategorised / 2nd August 2020

Title: Brightstorm and Darkwhispers Author: Vashti Hardy These books are about 2 children called Maudie and Arthur Brightstorm. Their father is an explorer who goes on lots of expeditions around The Wide. In the first book, their father goes missing on a mission to South Polaris and is accused of a very serious crime by the most praised explorer Eudora Vane. Maudie and Arthur are determined to go to South Polaris to find the truth. They join a crew called The Culpepper Crew, which is led by Harriet Culpepper. When they arrive, they find something horrible; 13 graves, 1 for each of the crew members. They realise their father was the 14th member of the crew so they raised their hopes that he might have survived. They then continue attempting to get to South Polaris when they eventually find out the truth. Their father had made it to South Polaris but had died in the process of returning home. Eudora had poisoned the rest of his crew and killed them for a very dark reason. What is the reason? Do Maudie and Arthur get home? Is Eudora punished for her crimes? In the second book The Culpepper Crew sets off…

Get into Reading video
Uncategorised / 12th June 2020

We contacted our favourite authors and asked them if they could send us a short video to promote reading. We hope you like the video and that it inspires you to pick up a book or two during Lockdown! We wanted to thank Tom Palmer, Jennifer Killick, Fleur Hitchcock, Lucy Strange & Anthony Horowitz for helping us put this video together! Keep reading everyone!

The Book Brothers are “Guest Librarians” on The BOSS Cryptanalyst Library
Uncategorised / 30th May 2020

Harry at BOSS HQ asked us to recommend some new books for their BOSS Cryptanalyst Library. Codes and books, now that’s an offer we couldn’t refuse! 🙂  Check out the BOSS Cryptanalyst Library here.  Thank you Harry for asking us to contribute!  If you are interested in ciphers, check out the annual Cipher Challenge, which normally runs in the autumn term. It can be really challenging but it’s great fun!  The Book Brothers