A Pig called Heather
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Title: A Pig called Heather Author: Harry Oulton This book is about an unusual friendship between a pig called Heather and a girl called Isla. The story starts in Scotland, on a farm with an unlucky farmer, his daughter and some talking animals. We soon find out about the good, caring friendship between Isla and Heather. Although, the animals can talk, they don’t talk to humans so Isla and Heather communicate with snout scrunching. One day a mysterious man appears called Mr Busby who wants to buy the farm and in the end he does because a fire burns some of it down. The friends are split up as Isla goes to London while Heather stays on the farm. Heather soon becomes famous and goes to London, hoping to find Isla and on her way she escapes and causes havoc! Will they be reunited or will Mr Hornsbuckle (the pest controller) and Thomas, his villainous dog capture Heather?? YOU’LL HAVE TO FIND OUT BY READING THE REST! I enjoyed this book because it is funny and sad but above all I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to know what happens next! I give it 100/100 and I can’t…

Wresting Trolls – Book 1
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Title: Wresting Trolls – Book 1 Author: Jim Eldridge These stories are about a boy called Jack. He likes wrestling and knows all about it too. He loves Wresting Trolls and his wish comes true the day he is enrolled to be an assistant trainer for WWT (Waldos Wrestling Trolls). In part 2, while he is Big Rocks partner, he finds out that he is half troll, half human! Also in part 2 he ends up trying to save a princess from General Pepper (her parsimonious uncle). The princess was a very, very good wrestler but her uncle made himself the leader, put her in the dungeon and banned wrestling! I liked the book but the puzzles made it more superb! I recommend this to 8+ wrestling fans because there is a lot of information about wrestling in the book. I give it 10/10 even though I don’t like wrestling because I liked the story!

Supercat Vs the Chip Thief
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Title: Supercat vs the Chip Thief Author: Jeanne Wallis The book is about a roly-poly cat who is lazy! He is called Tiger and he lives with James Jones. His life changes when he finds his favourite food on James’s smelly sock! Tiger licked it then he turned into SUPERCAT!!!! Then he needs a costume – a leotard, pants and sequins! Now he can sing, speak and run … I give it 10/10 so far because it’s funny!

Running Wild
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Title: Running Wild Author: Michael Morpurgo This story is about friendship and is very emotional. A boy called Will has lost his dad and is moving to Devon to live with his mum and his grandparents who live on a farm with a lot of animals. Then for Christmas Mum and Will want a break so they go on holiday to Indonesia (where Mum comes from). During the holiday, Will goes on an elephant ride. All of a sudden a tsunami hits the beach where Mum is swimming and the elephant runs off into the jungle with Will on her back. Now Will knows that his mum is dead. The elephant is called Oona and she becomes Will’s best friend. On their travels through the jungle, they find some orang-utans, they get in trouble with Mr Anthony (a baddie) and they meet a nice lady called Dr Geraldine. The story ends with Will making the biggest choice of his life! I thought this book was very sad and I recommend it to 9+. Make sure you have a box of tissues ready! I give it 10/10 although it is a real heartbreaker!

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Title: Cool! Author: Michael Morpurgo This book is about a boy who gets hit by a car and is in a coma at Wonford Hospital. His mum and dad have split up and he thinks his dog has died, but has he???? They even try to get Zola (his favourite football player) to try and wake him up. I enjoyed this book because it kept me guessing and it had an ending that I wasn’t expecting. I also liked that the story was told by the boy who was in a coma. I recommend this book to 9+ because the language is a bit complicated sometimes but is cleverly done. I give it 10/10 as it is COOL!

The Dancing Bear
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Title: Review of The Dancing Bear Author: Michael Morpurgo This is a sad story about a girl who finds a bear and they are happy and safe until a film crew arrive and want the bear to dance for a film. The film was the story of the Pied Piper and everyone in the town wanted to be in it. I am not going to say anything else about it because I want you to read it and find out! This is a short and very sad book so prepare to cry! I recommend this book to age 8+ and to fans of Michael Morpurgo. I give it 1000/1000        

Hubble Bubble – The Glorious Granny Bake off
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Title: The Glorious Granny Bake Off! and Other Stories Author: Tracey Corderoy Genre: Children's stories Release Date: 2013 Pages: 116 There are 3 stories in the book – The Spooks of Creakington Hall, The Glorious Granny Bake off and Alakazoom! The Big Bunny Boom. The book is about a girl called Pandora and her Granny who is a witch. My favourite story is Alakazoom! The Big Bunny Boom. I like it because Granny made a bunny using her magic! If you like funny books, naughty Grannies and a bit of magic, then read this book. I like the colourful pictures. I want a Granny like her granny! I give it 100/100  

Oliver and the Seawigs
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Title: Oliver and the Seawigs Author: Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre One day there lived a boy called Oliver and his parents were explorers who met on the top of Mount Everest. They had stopped exploring and were going home when they spotted some islands and his parents decided to explore them. When Oliver was unpacking his suitcase, he saw the inflatable dinghy bobbing on the water that they used to get there but Oliver was not scared. He went to the beach and before he left he stuck a sign on the door to say he would be going but would be back soon. This is how the adventure began!!! My favourite characters are the sea monkeys as they are very cute and I love drawing them! I like this book because it is exciting and full of adventure. The illustrations are also very good. I recommend this book to young adventurers aged 8+. I give it 100 stars!    

My Friend’s a Griswok
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Title: My Friend's a Griswok Author: Majorie Blackman The book is about two boys that are friends called Mike and Alex. They are looking after Polly who is Alex’s sister. Alex’s family are Griswoks (they can change into animals). Mike doesn’t know their secret!!!! They try to find Polly but she gets up to mischief!!! My favourite part is when she turns into an elephant!!! I like the jokes at the front too. I give it a 1000 stars!

Hubble Bubble, Granny Trouble
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Title: Hubble Bubble, Granny Trouble Author: Tracey Corderoy Genre: Grandmothers Release Date: 2011 Pages: 25 The book is about a granny that is a witch. She’s not like your granny! She does funny things like making tadpoles in tea and used magic to make the teacher stand in his pants (everyone laughed). I liked this book because you can listen to it using the QR code and the pictures are colourful. I give this book 100 stars!