Mini Winnie
Uncategorised / 28th April 2013

Title: Minnie Winnie Author: Laura Owen & Korky Paul There are 4 stories in this book. My favourite is Winnie’s Awful Auntie. I love it because Winnie turns into a baby as the spell does not work. I love the Ghost in the Post because the Ghost writes a poem and things go wrong! The pictures are fantastic. I give it 100 stars!

Mini Winnie
Uncategorised / 28th April 2013

Title: Mini Winnie Author: Laura Owen and Korky Paul Winnie is a funny witch who goes on 4 adventures in this book. As usual for Winnie things go wrong. In some stories she’s small and in others she is BIG. My favourite story was Mini Winnie because Winnie shrunk herself to fit into clothes that shrunk in the wash! It was an enjoyable book to read and I recommend it as a bedtime story book as each story is about a chapter in length. It’s a good book for 6+. The pictures are great but I think they would be better in colour! I would give the book 4.5 stars.  

Timmy Failure – Mistakes were made
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Title: Timmy Failure – Mistakes were made Author: Stephen Pastis The book is about a boy called Timmy Failure and his business partner Total, the Polar Bear. Timmy is a rubbish detective because he can’t solve any crimes! Corrina, Corrina is someone in his class who is also a detective and Timmy does not like her because he thinks she is sabotaging his business! Her business name is CCIA – Corrina Corrina Intelligence Agency but he thinks it stands for Corrina Corrina is Asinine! J I enjoyed reading Timmy’s personal notes because they were funny and I loved the pictures. My favourite character is Timmy because he is hilarious and a little bit crazy. I also like Molly Moskins because she is madly in love with Timmy and makes up pretend crimes for him to solve to waste his time. The book is enjoyable, exciting, and hysterical. I loved it! I think it is good for boys and girls aged 8+. I give it 10/10.  

The Dark
Daniel's Top 10 , Uncategorised / 2nd March 2013

Title: The Dark Author: Lemony Snicket The book is about a boy called Laszlo who is afraid of the dark. The dark lives in his house. One day he visits the dark in his basement and the dark speaks to him. He wasn’t scared of the dark anymore. I like this book because I like the dark. The pictures are good and colourful.

Monster and Chips

Title: Monster and Chips Author: David O'Connell The book was about a boy who was sent to buy chips in a diner for dinner. He had a couple of problems during his time in the diner as he was the only human there because the rest of the staff and customers were MONSTERS! All the monsters called the boy a ‘hooman’ but his name was Joe. The diner served strange foods like ‘beetle nuggets, deep-fried trouser burp and CHIPS! My favourite character was Uncton Slugglesbutt because he was cheeky and a cheat and “cheats never prosper!” I recommend this book to people who like monsters, funny stories and CHIPS! I can’t wait to read Monster and Chips – Night of the Living Bread! Rating – 100/100!

Dear Scarlett
Alexander's Top 10 , Uncategorised / 3rd February 2013

Title: Dear Scarlett Author: Fleur Hitchcock Scarlett’s dad was called Richard McNally and on Scarlett’s 11th birthday, 5 years after her father died, she got a box from her father’s solicitor which made her wonder if he really was a notorious jewel thief or something much more exciting!!! Scarlett and her new friend Ellie go on a big adventure that leads to the truth about her father. Most of the clues that would lead her through her father’s life were in the box he gave her. The most important clues were “keep looking up” and “keep up the gym” and at the end of the book she finds out how to use them. The book was very funny, scary, mysterious and exciting and it kept me entertained. My favourite character is Syd, Scarlett’s brother because he is funny and makes me laugh when he tries to speak. I recommend this book to children who like mysteries and going on adventures. I think children aged 7 would still understand the story and enjoy it even though it is for age 9+. I give this book 5/5 because it is brilliant. I would like to read more of Fleur Hitchcock’s books.