Crater Lake

11th August 2020
Crater Lake Book Cover Crater Lake
Jennifer Killick

Every Year 6 class has a residential trip and this book is about a class who are the first people to go to a new place called Crater Lake. The main characters in this book are Lance and his friends Chetan, Katja, Big Mak and Adrianne and throughout the book we see how close their friendship is.

On their way to Crater Lake, they came to a sudden halt followed by a crunch. The coach had hit someone. Then a guy came up to the side of the bus and “SPLAT” his bright red bloody hand thumped against the side of the window. He shouted “DON’T GO TO CRATER LAKE!” The children couldn’t understand what was wrong with it.

All of them then had to get off the bus and walk all the way to the gate. It seemed a bit odd that they were not greeted by any Crater Lake staff and that they had to wait half an hour to meet Digger, the manager of Crater Lake. There was something creepy about this place!

When everyone was locked in their rooms, Lance had to find a way to free everyone and work out what is going on. Why were they all locked in their rooms? Things began to get even weirder when the people who had already fallen asleep turned into bug-eyed monsters and started to act like robots.

Can their skills get everyone out alive?

Do any of them fall asleep and turn into monsters?

Can they stop the monsters before they infect everyone in the world?

This book is about friendship, secrets and bonding. We recommend it to 9+ readers. Although it seems scary, it is mixed in with lots of humour and you have to read it!

We give this book 5 ***** and it is a new book to add to our list of favourite books.


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