D-Day Dog

4th July 2019
D-Day Dog Book Cover D-Day Dog
Tom Palmer

This book is about a boy called Jack and his trusty dog called Finn. Jack’s dad is an army reserve soldier and Jack is interested in everything about war but he has a problem; his dad might be going to fight in Afghanistan!

At the beginning of the story, he can’t wait to go on his school trip to Normandy with his new Syrian friend, Kasandra.

At school, they have to prepare for the trip by researching a war veteran from the cemetery in Normandy. When Jack researches the story of Emile Corteil, a D-Day paratrooper, and his dog, Glen, he suddenly hates war and doesn’t want to go on the school trip to Normandy. He starts to have nightmares about leaving Finn behind and he knows that Finn doesn’t want him to go either!

Can his new Syrian friend help him?

Does he go to Normandy?

Do his views on war change?

We loved this book along with all the other Tom Palmer books we have read and reviewed! 🙂 We can’t wait for more!

We recommend this book to 8+ readers who are interested in history and who like stories about animals.

We give it 5*****



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