Demolition Dad

20th February 2015
Demolition Dad Book Cover Demolition Dad
Phil Earle

Jake and his dad have lots of secrets but one amazing secret could change their lives forever or it could be a disaster! Their secret is … WRESTLING!!!

Yes on weekdays, dad is in his crane knocking down buildings but on Saturdays he is the King of the Ring, The Knockout Master, The Wrestling Star, he is the Demolition Man! No one has ever beaten him…

One day, Jake enters his dad in a US competition against THE TERROR, who is the best so far at wrestling. This will competition will change their lives; well,  that depends on whether it’s a good change or a bad change! J

Can dad win?

Will he lose his first match?

Will Arnie (his manager) help him improve?

OR will he make him lose?

This is a great book for wrestling fans aged 8+ and for readers who love action and long stories!

I highly recommend this book and I give it 101/100. J


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