Eagle in the Snow

26th October 2015
Eagle in the Snow Book Cover Eagle in the Snow
Michael Morpurgo

Barney is on the 11.50 train to London with his mum. It is 1940 and his house has been bombed. He only has a suitcase and some clothes left. A smart man comes onto the train just before it leaves and they are the only ones in the carriage.

After a while, a plane flies down towards the train. Barney thinks it’s a Spitfire but it is a German Messerschmitt 109. They get away from the window as the rattle of the machine guns start. The train is going faster and heading for a tunnel. When they get in the tunnel, the man tells Barney a true story about a man called Billy Byron who “had done the wrong thing and now he must do the right thing. He had to right the wrong he had done”.

I enjoyed this book and recommend it to ages 10+ as it is a sad book. I have also been learning about WWII at school so I enjoyed it even more.

Also, my brother and I were lucky to meet the author, Michael Morpurgo at the Cheltenham Literature Festival and we got some of our books signed!

I give this book 5/5!


Hand drawn pictures by Alexander!                         ajplane


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