Eddy Stone and the Epic Holiday Mash-Up

2nd June 2016
Eddy Stone and the Epic Holiday Mash-up Book Cover Eddy Stone and the Epic Holiday Mash-up
Simon Cherry

Eddy Stone had a boring life; until one day Eddy heard a loud bang from the bathroom! At that moment, the 300 year old plaster from his Gran’s ruined house fell into his bowl of cereal. So, he went upstairs and found a pirate in his bath. The pirate asked him to be part of his crew because he wanted to find some treasure. So, of course Eddy said yes! He said yes because he liked pirates and had a good imagination.

Eddy and the pirate went to a shop and they found a chest (Grungey Beard’s) with a map leading to his treasure but the pirate realised he needed a crew so the shopkeeper also joined them.

Did they find it?

You have to read the book to find out! I give it 10/10. I recommend it to 8+ readers who love adventure! I found the book funny and liked the poem (Poem for the Captain) and the song (The Captain’s Seasick Sea Shanty).


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  • Simon Cherry 5th June 2016 at 7:42 pm

    Thank you for the review. I’m very glad that you enjoyed reading my book.

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