Flying Fergus – The Best Birthday Bike

2nd March 2016
Flying Fergus - The Best Birthday Bike Book Cover Flying Fergus - The Best Birthday Bike
Chris Hoy

This book is about an ordinary boy called Fergus who is 8 years old and who has a small bike. Fergus likes football, fish fingers and chocolate cake, like any boy would! He lives with his mum and grandad. Fergus has an immense imagination. Once, he imaged he was the best cyclist in the world! On his 9th birthday, he got his dad’s rusty, old, second-hand bike but is he happy or disappointed?  Soon after he gets his new bike, he tries to get on a cycling team but what happens?

I really liked this book because it was funny, imaginative and a great story to read!

I recommend it as a first reader for 7+ girls and boys. I would like to next book in the series.

I give it 10/10.


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