Good Dog McTavish

10th November 2016
Good Dog McTavish Book Cover Good Dog McTavish
Meg Rosoff

This book is about a dog and his family, the Peachys. It starts when Ma Peachy (who does ALL the jobs) goes on strike to do YOGA! So, the rest of the family have a family meeting and decide to get a dog from Cuddles Home for Unwanted Mutts (C.H.U.M). They look around the home and find McTavish and they decide to get him.

This dog changes their life forever. But it is in a good way or a bad way?

Does Ma leave them?

Does Ma stay on strike forever?

I recommend it to 8+ readers. If you are dyslexic, read other Barrington Stoke books like this one as the layout makes them easier to read. I give it 5*.

I like the moral of the story, which is always help your mum or she’ll abandon you for yoga. My brother and I are going to make the Lovely Chicken Dinner in the back of the book so our mum doesn’t ever go on strike! 🙂



Pictures drawn by Daniel.


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