Groosham Grange

2nd August 2018
Groosham Grange Book Cover Groosham Grange
Anthony Horowitz

David lived in a rich family who wanted the best for him. They were a bit mean when he got expelled from school and his dad threatened him with a knife! His family was very rich and his dad worked in a bank so they could afford to send him to the top schools but when an advert for a free boarding school comes up, they don’t hesitate to send him there! The school is called Groosham Grange.

Strange things happen at Groosham Grange, such as the Assistant Headteacher keeps fresh blood in his room, the French teacher disappears every full moon and all the students act like zombies!

Does David’s dad forgive him?
Does David survive his experience at Groosham Grange?
Does David make new friends?

Read the book to find out!

I recommend this book to 9+ readers who like a bit of horror, magic and mystery!

Anthony Horowitz is famous for his Alex Rider books but he also writes lots of other fantastic books too. We are a huge Anthony Horowitz fans in our house and one day we hope we will be able to include a signed Anthony Horowitz book on our “signed bookshelf!” We can only hope! 🙂

I give it 5*****.



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