Happyville High – Geek Tragedy – Too uncool for school

26th July 2018
Happyville High – Geek Tragedy Book Cover Happyville High – Geek Tragedy
Tom Mclaughlin

This book is about 3 nerdy girls called Tyler, Ashley and Dylan. They all live in Happyville and go to Happyville High. Happyville is the perfect place to live because everyone is HAPPY but underneath all the happiness something is happening! People are getting super long SPAGHETTI ARMS.

It all started when the American football captain and quarterback shouted “BOO-YAH” and then his arm grew to 12 feet long. 2 days later, half of Happyville had long arms! The girls had to solve this mystery before the whole world found itself with long arms!

How do they get long arms?

What causes this mutation?

Read the book and find out! I give it 500/5 and recommend it to 9+. I hope Tom Mclaughlin will write a sequel!


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