I swapped my brother on the Internet

20th December 2017
I swapped my brother on the Internet Book Cover I swapped my brother on the Internet
Jo Simmons

‘I can get a new brother? On the Internet?’ Jonny muttered. ‘Oh sweet mangoes of Heaven.’

Have you ever dreamed of this happening to you? In this book with www.siblingswap.com Jonny’s dreams came true (kind of)! Jonny couldn’t wait to swap his obnoxious, older brother for a new, funny, energetic, kind brother.

However, some of the swapped brothers were a bit odd! For example:

• A merboy,
• A boy raised by meerkats,
• The ghost of Henry VIII, who was my favourite brother.

Would you want to swap your brother for one of these? After his 6th swap, he gave up and decided he wanted his brother Ted home.

Does Ted return home or has Ted gone forever?

I give it 5*. I recommend it to 9+.

I sometimes want to swap my brother but after reading this book, it has made me realise that I may never have the perfect brother!

I have changed my mind; I would never, ever attempt to swap my brother as he is kind and funny although we do like a good argument over sweets or computer games (sometimes!)

I really like this book and it would be in my top 5 favourite books.


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