Jake Atlas and The Quest for the Crystal Mountain

15th July 2019
Jake Atlas and the Quest for the Crystal Mountain Book Cover Jake Atlas and the Quest for the Crystal Mountain
Rob Lloyd Jones 

Do not read this book if you haven’t read book 1 and 2! 🙂 

This book is about a boy called Jake and his family who are in Beijing looking for the Emerald Tablet in the tomb of The Terracotta Army. But a lot goes wrong! Let me explain what happens in a few words MASS DESTRUCTION!

However, Jake and his family know where to find the next Tablet; on Mount Kailash in Tibet but they must overcome a few problems:

  • You can’t climb Mount Kailash as it is a sacred mountain to the monks
  • They need the Drak Terma to find it but it is guarded by the monks

They make their journey to the Crystal Mountain but when they get to Tibet, the monks refuse to show them the Drak Terma because they don’t believe in the Buddhist Gods. So, they need another plan! One that shouldn’t be destructive but it is! 🙂 

Do they get the Drak Terma?
What happens next?
Do they get the Tablet?

You’ll have to read this exciting book to find out! I recommend it to 9+ adventure fans and give it 5*****. I can’t wait for the next book to come out!


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