Jimmy Coates – Killer

9th August 2021
Jimmy Coates - Killer (book 1) Book Cover Jimmy Coates - Killer (book 1)
Joe Craig

This is a book about a boy called Jimmy Coates. Jimmy thinks he is a normal boy, however he really is a genetically designed assassin who will be ready to report to the government (NJ7) by the age of 18. The start of this series occurs when some men in suits come to Jimmy’s house to take him away for an early mission. Jimmy doesn’t know why they are there or who they are so Jimmy follows his instincts, and runs. Jimmy goes up to his room, jumps out of the window, and hides under his car. The agents cannot find Jimmy as they have seriously underestimated his skill, so they take Jimmy’s family hostage. Jimmy has now become a fugitive.

Jimmy is later found by NJ7 and is made to work for them. His first target is a man who opposes the government called Christopher Viggo. He is trying to turn Britain back into a democracy as it is a Neo – Democracy which means people do not have the right to vote and everything sold in Britain is British.

When Jimmy goes to assassinate Viggo, he tells him that he can help Jimmy save his family.

Does Jimmy save his family?

Does Viggo help him?

Read the book to find out. We finished the series in a couple of days as we couldn’t put the books down! We give this book (and the other books in the series) 5 stars and recommend them to 9+ readers. We really love this series and cannot wait for the final book in the series to be released!


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