Julius Zebra – Bundle with the Britons!

12th April 2016
Julius Zebra – Bundle with the Britons! Book Cover Julius Zebra – Bundle with the Britons!
Gary Northfield

This book is about Julius Zebra and his friends. They were going to go to the Colosseum to fight for their freedom but Julius’s opponent surrendered because he didn’t want to die.

So, Julius and his friends finally thought they were going on their jolly holibobs.

However, Emperor Hadrian had other plans and he sent them to BRITANNIA to compete in a tournament to win their freedom. If they won, they would have freedom, forever!

On the ship journey to Britannia, their cabin was completely drenched in water because they cleaned the deck all day. Somehow, Julius and his friends ended up wearing chainmail which made them look like shimmering fish in the sea. Did they manage to escape from the ship or did it go terribly wrong?

I recommend this book to 7+ boy and girls who love comedies, a bit of history and animals. I would recommend it to reluctant readers as there are lots of great pictures which help with the story. I give it 5/5. I would love to read another book in this series.


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