Julius Zebra: Entangled with the Egyptians!

13th December 2017
Julius Zebra: Entangled with the Egyptians! Book Cover Julius Zebra: Entangled with the Egyptians!
Gary Northfield

This book is about a zebra called Julius. One day he is shipwrecked in Egypt. A zebra in Egypt? Yes, a zebra in Egypt!

He is thought to be an Egyptian God! He enjoys all the attention, despite being called a Horse God! Soon he will be famous and be praised by everyone. They will have a procession in his honour but first they must go and visit the tombs. (SPOILER ALERT – it doesn’t go well!). His friend Felix can’t resist taking a jewel; a haunted jewel. This changes EVERYTHING!

Julius had been found out; he was a fake. Now what? It will mean that they will have to kill him of course! What happens next?

I give it 5*. I recommend it to 9+ adventure fans who also like a funny story. I really like the illustrations in this book. If you like this book, make sure you read 1 & 2 as well.

Julius is stupidly funny. This series is hilarious!


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