22nd June 2014
Jumblecat Book Cover Jumblecat
Archie Kimpton

I liked this book as it was very exciting and funny! The story is about a boy called Billy Slipper who finds a cat called Jumblecat. Jumblecat isn’t an ordinary cat, he’s a jumbled up cat and has legs where his arms should be and arms where his head should be and he is really rude!

Billy’s family isn’t a normal family: his mum is mean like his sister and she has very bad OCD and she also hates animals, his twin sister is mean to him and is the opposite of him and his dad is just a normal dad who just watches TV and doesn’t answer back! His best friend Mrs Mandiddee is an old lady who lives next door to him.

Mrs Mandiddee and Billy look after the cat and enter him into a competition for the strangest pet so that they can win some money in order to fix him. When they win the competition, Mrs Slipper sells the cat to the organiser of the competition called Colonel Beauvrille and this is when the adventure begins…. Can they save Jumblecat and find Colonel Beauvrille’s castle or do they fail???????

I enjoyed this book because it was funny. I liked the pictures of Jumblecat and Billy at the back of the book and I think they will look great in the final copy of the book. I recommend this book to girls and boys aged 8+ because it’s a long book but it’s very enjoyable.

I give it **********


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