22nd December 2020
Jungledrop Book Cover Jungledrop
The Unmapped Chronicles
Abi Elphinstone

The Petty-Squabbles are two of the worst children you can meet. Fibber and Fox are both fighting over who will save the family business. The person who saves the business will inherit all their money whilst the other one is shipped off to Antarctica.

Fox believes her brother has a plan to save the business so, in a desperate attempt to save herself she steals his briefcase. Fibber chases Fox until she runs into an antique shop. This is where they meet Casper Tock.

Fox hides the briefcase under a really old table and it’s here that she finds what looks like a marble but really, it is a Phoenix Tear. Casper tells them stories of him visiting the Unmapped Kingdoms but they do not believe him, as everyone knows that magic is “madness”. Fox then grabs Fibber’s briefcase and runs to the train station. Without checking, she jumps on the train that is there. Fibber follows her and the train whizzes away. What they don’t realise is that this is no ordinary train! If they had looked closely, they would have seen that the smoke coming out of the train was green. They were on a train to Jungledrop.

When they arrive they are met by a boy called Iggy and a parrot called Heckle. They are taken to the only safe place in Jungledrop and are told about the quest that lies ahead of them. They must find the Forever Fern.

Fox plans to help Fibber find the Forever Fern and then take the pearl from it for herself. She wants the pearl, as it grants immortality to the person who eats it. Fox could save the family business! But then comes the news that Iggy has gone missing.

Do they find Iggy?

Do they find the Forever Fern?

Does Fox take the pearl for herself?

Do they save the family business?

Read the book to find out. We give it 5 * and recommend it to 9+ readers who love stories about magic and adventure. Remember to read all the other books in the series, as they are all really amazing. Abi is a great author!

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