Kat Wolfe Takes the Case

17th December 2019
Kat Wolfe Takes the Case Book Cover Kat Wolfe Takes the Case
Lauren St John

Kat Wolfe and Harper Lamb were best friends and they lived on the Jurassic Coast. One day in their quiet town of Bluebell Bay there was a landslide. Harper’s Dad was a palaeologist and after the landslide, he discovered something big… something unimaginable… A “dragon” dinosaur and a dead human’s skull. But what did this all mean?

A few days later, Kat and Harper were invited to Kat’s “Granddad’s” (AKA The Dark Lord and the Minister of Defence). That night at his house Kat went outside and saw 2 men fighting on the rooftop and then one of them used “Killer Move 10”, The Leaping Tiger and then the fight ended abruptly.

When they got back, they found that someone had tried to steal one of the dragon’s teeth that had been discovered but luckily Kat was clever enough to have left a fake tooth in its place as she knew this might happen. This tooth could be used to make a Chinese medicine which could cure lots of illnesses.

Their mission was to find out who stole the tooth and why. Their investigation started here but what did it uncover? You will need to read the book to find out more!

I give this book 5***** and recommend it to 9+ mystery fans! If you like this book, don’t forget to read Kat Wolfe Investigates. Here is our review for it!



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