Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes

2nd August 2018
Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes Book Cover Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes
Greg James and Chris Smith

This is the second book in the series. This book is about a group of superheroes called the Super Zeroes and Kid Normal is the leader! There is also a character called Magpie, who is a rogue (which is basically “the bad guy”).

Magpie has been in prison for 30 years and on one particular day, in front of the CCTV cameras, he wrote on the floor “BRING KID NORMAL TO ME!” The next day, Kid Normal was brought to his high security prison cell to talk to him but I won’t tell you what Magpie said to Kid Normal as it ruins the rest of the story!

Soon after, Kid Normal’s school secretary and caretaker disappeared and no one could find them. They were gone… or were they?


They weren’t really missing… They were looking for their supposedly dead daughter.

Do they find her?
What made them look for their daughter?
Why is Magpie a part of this story?

Read the book to find out.

I give it 5***** and recommend it to 8+. I recommend you read the first book before you read this one as it will help you understand some of the jokes more! We have also reviewed Book 1 – if you search our reviews, you will find it!

I think this book is super, funny and a must-read during the long summer holidays!


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