Kid Normal

21st July 2017
Kid Normal Book Cover Kid Normal
Greg James and Chris Smith

This book is about a boy called Murph and his peculiar school. Murph has a problem; he keeps moving house and has no school to go to at the moment. So, his mum keeps on searching for a new school.

One day, on his way home from the shops, Murph’s mum spots a child coming out from an alleyway which leads to a place called “The School”, so his mum runs to get the attention of a man who is also there. Whilst she is talking to him, there is a BIG misunderstanding about “flying” and as a result of this misunderstanding, Murph is allowed to attend this school!

Meanwhile, at the school weird things are happening, especially the fact that its top secret and the students there have “capes” otherwise known as superpowers. But what can Murph do without a cape? He can be laughed at and called names, such as Kid Normal!

But Murph can still save the day especially as there is an evil supervillain lurking around the corner.

Nektar is a wasp-man (a cross between a wasp and a man) and he hates picnics. He’s in need of an evil plan and an eviler henchman so he hires Knox who has created some mind control helmets which make people follow his commands. But what use are mind control helmets when you have no one to control? Send out drones to find some slaves, of course!

Nektar enslaves half the school but Murph and his gang escape. So, it is up to Murph to save the school.

We enjoyed this book because it was funny and leaves you on the edge of your seat. We give it 5/5. We recommend it to 9+.


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