Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog

12th July 2015
Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog Book Cover Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog
Claire Barker

This story is about a dog called Knitbone Pepper the Ghost Dog. His owners are Winnie, Lord Pepper and Lady Pepper. They live at Starcross Hall. One day, Knitbone receives a letter from S.O.S. (Spirits of Starcross) inviting him to join them but also telling him to bring ginger biscuits to help them concentrate! Krispin, the baddie wants to catch all the ghosts so they star in his TV show! Nora Sockpuppet, the HOBTC (Head of Bartonshire Town Council) asks for £1,000,000 or there will be no Starcross Hall! DUNDUNDER!!! 🙁

Do they keep Starcross Hall or do they not???

Does Krispin catch them in his “Soul Box?” DUNDUNDER!!!

I recommend this book to 7+ and give it 5*/5*. This book is funny and easy to read. I love the illustrations. I can’t wait for the second book!


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